Making packaging faster and counterfeit-proof!


Ever since the outbreak of pandemic, the requirement of packaging film has been witnessing elevated demand which has also triggered demand for slitters and Trim Rewinders. The Engineering business of UFlex has developed a Trim Rewinder model ‘Trim line 1000’ which is an extended portfolio to the community of range of slitters it offers. Its robust speed of 1000 mpm has been appreciated by its patrons and has already bagged two orders. Not only has the rewinder been perceived as an add-on machine with new slitters but also has the capability of retrofitting, i.e., it can be easily added to conventional slitters as well. This machine marks a step towards recycling of trimming in an organized method.

Besides, to arrest the challenges of counterfeiting amongst brands in various sectors, Engineering business of UFlex has developed a new series of pouch making machines that integrates holographic strip within the pre-printed film with 100% ‘i mark to i mark’ registration accuracy. Besides addressing the challenge of counterfeiting via i-mark registration, the machine’s D-motion sealing technology provides enhanced dwell time for sealing thus improving aesthetics and seal integrity allowing repeat use. Thus, the machine renders double fold benefits to brand owners – of counterfeiting as well as enjoying the holographic attributes that enhance the overall look and feel of the product to make their product stand out on retail shelves.

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