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Scodix & Insight form a new distribution partnership in India


Leading provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, Scodix, has signed a partnership agreement with Insight Print Communications to distribute Scodix solutions in India. Insight and Monotech Systems, Scodix’s other established distributor in India, together form a strong Scodix distribution channel that reaches the full array of Indian printers.

Founded in 1992 in Mumbai, Insight has charted a growth path based on its commitment to customer service and well-being. India’s largest dealer for Graphic Arts equipment sales, Insight has played a crucial role in establishing some of India’s most extensive global printing brands. Insight today is a forward-looking organization with one of the most professional setups, operating from ten offices across India with a diverse board that has kept pace with times and trends.

Ajay Aggarwal MD, Insight CEO, says, “Scodix is a much sought-after technology in India, and we are honored to join the distribution channel for the Scodix Ultra 1000’s Series of Digital Enhancement Presses. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment to our customers that will expand their success, and Scodix certainly fits this commitment between our customers and us.”

Insight’s vision is to help the printing industry transition to digital and the inclusion of Scodix presses within the company’s portfolio elevates that vision. The key for Insight’s successful penetration into the Indian printing market is the integrity, trust, and reliability standards that Insight delivers to its customers.

Ziki Kuly, Scodix APJ President, adds, “We are proud to welcome Insight into the Scodix family. Insight’s passion for technology is one of the main forces behind this distribution agreement along with their reach into the Indian packaging and commercial markets.”

While, Amritpal Bawa, Scodix India Representative, also states, “Together we are planning to infiltrate the packaging market segment as Insight and Scodix mutually bring presses that answer the demands of the growing Indian printing market. The embellishing quality, speed, ease-of-use, and added print value of the Scodix presses are the precise answer to the ever-increasing demand for printers. The Indian print market momentum, Insight’s top-notch customer service, and Scodix’s cutting-edge technology create a pure win-win formula.”

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