Markzware releases OmniMarkz to make DTP easy!


Markzware Inc., has released OmniMarkz, a combination of its stand-alone Desktop Publishing (DTP) conversion solutions, IDMarkz, QXPMarkz, and PDFMarkz. This consolidation will allow Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and PDF users to preview, examine, and convert their documents for usage in graphic design, publishing and printing workflows.

In addition, OmniMarkz contains unique features not found in IDMarkz, QXPMarkz and PDFMarkz. These include a full file inventory preview, and the ability to output reports in five different file formats (HTML, JSON, RTF, TXT and XML).

OmniMarkz allows anyone, even without running Adobe or Quark applications, to open, preview, convert and automate the conversion of DTP applications files. Now, you can process your DTP and PDF files, so that you can convert them to IDML (Adobe InDesign Markup Language). IDML files can be imported into many DTP applications, including QuarkXPress and Affinity Publisher, and other workflow applications.

With OmniMarkz, you can share or reuse your PDFs, to make new edits or design changes. You can also convert PDF Annotations to IDML and view them in InDesign. This explosive technology allows you to extract the text from the resulting IDML file so that you can save it as RTF (Rich Text Format), TXT (Plain Text), or HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

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