Ideal View, Nashik installs Kodak Trendsetter VLF Q1600


Nashik-based Ideal view has installed the world’s, most reliable and steady Kodak Trendsetter VLFQ1600 Computer-to-Plate technology at its premises, sold & serviced by Insight Print Communications. The company has upgraded itself from the existing line of Imagesetter.

Kodak trendsetter Q1600 offers outstanding quality and is a robust device that delivers high quality reliable & consistent digital plates.The Trendsetter comes with patented SQUARE spot technology which delivers accurate and stable High-resolution 10,000 dpi. With this printer, one can print dots as fine as 10 microns. It is also equipped with features like dynamic auto-focus, temperature, and geometric compensation that help reduce plate wastage. With Kodak CTPs 4,800/5,080 DPI high-resolution option micro printing such as micro text printing, lenticular and security applications can be done. Thermal compensation technology enables accurate and consistent imaging. It exposes 2400 dpi pixels with greater accuracy, wider exposure latitude, and outstanding consistency.

Kodak CTPs deliver exceptional performance in all applications such as commercial, trade shops, offset packaging, newspaper, and security printing. There are different options available for each set of segments. Its popularity helps it be a go-to brand in the market.

Rajesh Shinde of Ideal View, said,“We have been in the business for more than 25 years and established our name in the corrugation industry. We have always been keen on upgrading our technology with the current market, thus we have invested in CTP from Imagesetter.” He added,“We were looking for a CTP device which was durable and trustworthy, Kodak CTP was the best option available in the market. To meet the standard and optimized quality we are also using the Kodak Sonora plates.”

“With the adoption of Kodak Sonoraplates, we can achieve accurate reproduction of dot and get high image quality. Sonora Plate making is easy and quick, With process-free technology, we can immediately eliminate the quality variations that come with processing such as chances of dot loss or any change in pre-press parameters,” added Shinde.

“Kodak CTP is the most reliable, durable, and stable device. This device does not require any recurring maintenance cost and you are able to get a quick return on investment. With the addition of Kodak VLF CTP at Ideal View, it will result in quick plate making, eliminating the process of making films,” said Raja S Kochhar, General Manager from Insight Print Communications Pvt Ltd.

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