LeadEdge Flexo APAC to service India and Atsia-Pacific region


With a focus on India and Asia -Pacific region, Lead EdgeFlexo APAC Pvt Ltd is all set to bring corrugated printing and flexographic printing supplies in this region.

LeadEdge Flexo APAC Pvt Ltd is a strong collaboration between LeadEdgeFlexo Ltd and CGSASP Pvt Ltd. It is the culmination of 3 years of hard work , which has grown and flourished into this extension of the LeadEdge Flexo brand which will service India and the Asia Pacific region.

LeadEdge Flexo APAC Pvt. Ltd is a company born from over 60 years combined experience in the corrugated printing and flexographic printing supplies industries. They specialise on the specific materials and manufacturing to create a printing shim or printing plate carrier. “With the specialised machinery, excellent quality raw materials and product knowledge, we are confident that we can fulfil our goal of becoming the No 1 supplier of Printing Shims to the APAC corrugated printers and graphic trade shops,” says Kunal Gandhi, Managing Director, LeadEdgeFlexo APAC Pvt. Ltd.Our products and services are innovative and our throughput knowledge of the whole process from concept to print offers our clients newfound levels of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness,” adds Arun Gandhi, Director, LeadEdge Flexo APAC Pvt. Ltd.

Latest innovations

These include Matrix Precision Mount, C-Mount Series, F-bakFlexo Tapes and Cbak Lux.The Matrix Precision mount has been specifically designed and engineered for HQPP (High Quality Post Print) in the corrugated print industry. Investing in the latest innovative digital cutting equipment and working closely with suppliers LeadEdgeFlexo have streamlined and automated parts of their production process to create greater uniformity and conformity to quality specifications.

While, C-Mount Series is their innovative range of mounting tapes for corrugated plate mounting onto carrier/clichés and mounting films. Available in 3 thicknesses, 4 thou (0.1mm), 8 thou (0.2mm), 12 thou (0.3mm), C-Mount is made from a filmic carrier, solvent acrylic rubber adhesive and white embossed PP Liner. The innovative “turtle shell” adhesive allows for airflow during application.

F-bak flexographic printing tapes are exclusively designed and manufactured for Leadedge Flexo. Fbak tapes adhere strongly to minimize edge lifting, remove cleanly and give great print results on any job – solids, lines, halftones and process work.Available in two different densities and also two different thicknesses fbak is designed to give brilliant tolerance on pressure settings so optimal print settings can be found quickly.

While, CbakLUX is an innovative new plate backing material for corrugated post print and HQPP (High Quality Post Print) brought to you exclusively by LeadedgeFlexo. CbakLUX goes above and beyond current market solutions by benefiting the plate at all stages of its supply chain.

Other products

Their mounting products include Cbak,Cbak Supported, Cbak Blankets, CbakLUX Blankets, Airmount 1 Side and 2 Sides and Plate Mounting Tapes (Double Sided).

Their Plate Carriers/Cliches include Pre-welded and Stitched Plate Carrier/cliché, Zip Extension System, Carrier/cliché Edging Strips, Mounting Films, and Lead/Trail Edge Additions.

LeadEdge Flexo stock all corrugated pre-press consumables including:Scalpel blades and handles, Eyelets and eyelet tooling; Tension straps; Stitching needles and thread; Stitching machines and Quick drying plate/ cliché sealer (available in red, clear and blue).

They also offer a large range of single-sided tapes which are tested to high standards and many to fit anyone’s budget.


They offer Futura Flexo Plate Cutters, for safe, accurate cutting of flexo printing plates and packaging materials.
With Flexo Eye, they offer EyeDirect x300 Microscope, which is robust and solid enough to be at home in any plate-making or printing environment. It’s also a portable system, ideal for travelling technicians or customer service reps.EyeDirect provides excellent measurements and records of flexo & letterpress plates and print.EyeDirect also measures screen angles (compare 6measurements) and distance in microns. The microscope has a 5Mp camera for excellent quality images.

Corrugated printer products

They offer Splicing tapes, Measuring tools/gauges, Racking sections and hanging rails, Die making supplies including cutting and creasing rule, plywood and die making consumables and Tension straps.

LeadEdge Flexo has agreed on collaboration with a UK based specialist in racking and filing. “We can offer complete storage solutions for everything no matter how large or small. Specifically, we can offer printing plate filing solutions and stereo/cliché storage solutions,” adds Gandhi.

Besides, LeadEdge offers an affordable bespoke service for the design and build of trolleys and transport. These are used in-house at most corrugated printers for the transport of wooden dies and plates from storage to print machine daily.

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