First MGI machine installed in Uttar Pradesh


Today’s market requires that printers continually add services to their business to help clients stand out in the marketplace. Digital printing is just not enough anymore — we must rethink how to add value to the printed sheet and increase profit margin.

Konica Minolta has recently installed the first MGI machine in Uttar Pradesh at Upadhyay Color Copier, Lucknow. The company has installed Jetvarnish 3D One and Accuroshine 101.Jetvarnish 3D One is a digital high-end embellishment device with a speed up to 2.077 A3 sheets per hour. Its UV inkjet technology combined with Konica Minolta’s drop-on-demand piezoelectric print heads gives high quality while AIS SmartScanner gives automated sheet to sheet registration. It offers variable varnish thickness between 21 and 116 micron for 2D and 3D-tactile effects in one single pass.

“This will help our customers to get good quality embellished prints in Lucknow itself. Post-covid, people have started asking for fewer wedding cards, say around 500. Earlier, we used to have print run of 2000 wedding cards. Since the number of cards is less, they are ready to spend more to give it a different appeal. Here, MGI Jetvarnish 3D One gives us the ability to give more value-addition to our customers,” tells Rajeev Upadhyay of Upadhyay Color Copier.

“This installation shows how committed Konica Minolta is towards B & C class cities. There is a huge potential for such machines in these cities,” adds Vijay Kamat of Konica Minolta. Upadhyay is looking forward to use the machine for different applications like brochures, catalogues, wedding cards, money envelopes, certificates, gift vouchers, etc.

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