Premier Process, Lucknow installs Cron thermal CtP machine


Lucknow-based Premier Process specialises in book production of plates for institutional and government sectors, ensuring high accuracy in production to reduce errors and mistake for which we have specific department to check and preflight the job before production, thus eradicating mistakes of in-house and well as from clients. They produce around 80,000-1,00,000 sq mt plates per annum. With an employee strength of 18, their turnover is approx. 4 Cr.

New installation…

The company has recently installed Cron Thermal 128 channel machine. The installed model is TP-46128G+, which is the latest redesigned model with new appearance, integrated output device, user-friendly control interface and brand-new touch panel operation bring a more friendly human-computer interaction experience. The machine has a speed of upto 49 plates per hour and can handle sizes up to 1030 (mm).

Other equipments…

“We have 2 Katana imagesetters, 1 Xerox Versant 280 Color Production printer, 1 Xerox D95 Mono Production Printer, 1 Kodak Trendsetter CTP lined-up with Glunz & Jensen Processor, also supplied by Nippon Color, and Baking Oven,” tells Susheel Ratlani of Premier Process.

US of Cron thermal CtP…

The highlight of Cron CTP systems is the SMFO Laser Technology. The laser imaging system uses SMFO technology allowing increased output resolution and image quality. “Individual lasers can be changed or moved so that the cost of laser maintenance is greatly reduced,” tells Susheel.

Another feature which was important for them was Square dot imaging, achieved by the adoption of optical technology, accurately reproduction of dots with minimum error rate ≤1%. Plate making resolution ranging of 1800/2400/2540/2800 dpi, suitable for AM/FM/Hybrid screening ≥ 300 lines per inch, 10-micron FM screening print. greatly enhance the scope of business adaptation of printing enterprises. Higher resolutions of 9600/10160 dpi could be upgraded to meet up with exquisite printing.

“We did not see any other machine. Our strong trust and relation with Jayant Pardiwala is good enough for me not to waste time and energy in the market,” he adds.

Nippon-Premier Process relationship…

Jayant Pardiwala, CEO of Nippon Color who finalised the deal, said, “Susheel Ratlani is very close to us, I will call him a friend first before a customer. We are delighted to see him continue to put his trust in us and in return we give him the highest quality of after-sales support. Like with every installation, our team took thorough time during installation procedures to ensure his requirement for perfect reproduction of dots and plate quality. It gives us immense pleasure to see the company grow its production numbers.”

On a concluding note…

“Covid was a testing time for all and I decided to stand rock-solid to whatever situation may come. I treated this period as filtration time in the market, where the fittest will survive and many will fall on the way. Just taking this as opportunity to gain more volumes and to enhance our services we decided to upgrade our 2nd Kodak with Cron thus increasing our production capacity. Needless to say my association with Nippon Color is 12 years now and we never give a second thought on the support and service from them. Even buying a new equipment our any other support Jayant is personally dedicated to clients for direct support,” concludes Susheel.

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