‘Made In India’ Offset Printing Plates Make Ripples…


Mumbai-based HL Printech Solutions, with head office in Kanpur, offers Made in India products for the process houses and commercial printers to match the global standards. Here’s more….

H.L. Printech Solutions is a seasoned printing consumables manufacturer, suppliers & exporters based out of India. H.L. Printech takes pride in being a part of six decades old H.L. Group of companies headquartered in Kanpur, India. H.L. Group, instituted in the year 1950 is a professionally managed family business house, associated with the leading industries for various decades. The business conglomerate has successfully marked its presence in the sectors of tobacco, food processing, and 3D printing.

Made in India products…

“We offer Made in India products to match the global standards. Our products offer economical and reliable solution for the process houses and commercial printers, thanks to the in-house R&D team. Employing the advanced electrochemical graining, anodizing and coating technology with strict quality checks across supply chain, we strive to achieve a consistent grade of quality in offset plates & chemicals,” sharesAdeeb Siddiqui, Brand Manager, HL Agro Products Pvt Ltd. “We have been supplying our products for the last two years.”

Products at a glance…

The company offers offset printing plates, offset printing chemicals and offset printing blankets. These include:

Everest UV CtP Plate: Designed for hi-resolution/ hi-speed imaging on the UV CtP plate setters, Everest is a specially designed third generation UV CtP plate with a high UV sensitive emulsion coating to meet the market requirements for speed and efficiency. HL Third Generation Everest UV CtP Plate uses Ultra-Violet laser diode technology and runs fast and excellently on the UV CtPplatesetters of world’s leading brands. With fast imaging speeds, long run lengths, UV capability, excellent resolutions, and broad compatibility with presses, inks, and founts, Everest maintains the excellent performance of plate making and printing. This third generation offset printing plate offers outstanding chemicals resistance, durability, and wide processing latitude. It performs optimally in varying pre-press conditions and offers a dependable run length of upto 100000 impressions in standard condition.

Atlas TSL Plate: This non-ablative thermal positive plate with excellent image contrast, is acclaimed to be reliable and user friendly, designed to meet various requirements of high grade commercial printing and stochastic screening. It has the advantages of speedy platemaking, high tolerance level, precise half-tone dot reproduction, good ink balance and high pressrun. Atlas TSL plates provides high scuff & scratch resistance, and facilitate ease of handling in the pressroom. Compatible with various models of popular thermal plate-setters and developers in the market, these single layer thermal plates offers flexibility and optimal performance.

Atlas TDL Plate: Atlas is a positive working, thermal plate with wide operating latitude designed to deliver long run lengths in UV applications, maximum resolutions, and fast imaging. Atlas TDL plate with exceptional high-resolution deliver long unbaked run lengths for traditional sheetfed and web applications. The high resolution capabilities of HL Atlas TDL Plates help printers ensure outstanding print quality, and the sharp detail to impress both print buyers and consumers. It offers an unprecedented run length of up to 120,000* impressions unbaked and 800000 impressions after post-baking ensuring maximum productivity for a variety of different applications and press conditions. (*Actual run-length may vary as per the press and plate-making conditions.) HL Atlas Double Layer is an advanced and extremely durable thermal digital plate suitable for high-end long-run UV ink printing in packaging and commercial print segments.

Everest Delete-P: It is a removing gel for CtP thermal and presensitised positive plates.

Everest Fount: It is a foremost fountain solution for high-speed heatset and coldest machines.

Everest Combi Wash/Everest Eco UV 701: It is rollers cum blanket wash for cleaning UV inks.

Everest plate-cleaner: It is used neat on the rollers to remove ink and lint.

Everest Gum: It is a general-purpose plate finisher and desensitizer, suitable for use with all plate types, including all digital plates.

Response at Printpack…

“We received very good response at Printpack 2022. People are keen to work with us,” added Adeeb.


“At HL Printech Solutions, we have developed a sound infrastructure base that is modernized, reliable & scalable enough to take the business to the next level. Based in the MIDC Taloja Industrial Area, Navi Mumbai, our production unit is at the forefront of technology and innovation, fully automated with state-of-the-art machinery,” he told.

“While we aim to provide exceptional and affordable printing solutions for all your needs, HL Printech is also dedicated to providing greener solutions too keeping the environment in mind, following a strict zero waste practice. We welcome all printers to try our products as they are worth the money,” concluded Adeeb.

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