HP digital printing technologies enable powerful brand campaigns

At interpack 2017, HP Inc. announced continued adoption of its industry-leading solutions for product campaigns by leading brands worldwide, as well as new tools designed to help brands unleash the power of HP digital printing.

“Brands are discovering that HP can help reinvent the way they engage their audiences and the experiences created for them,” said Nancy Janes, global head of Brand Innovation at HP Inc. “HP’s industry-leading labels and packaging solutions enable converters to offer brands the solutions they need to grow their businesses and raise their profiles.”

HP digital printing and powerful software solutions make it possible for brands to connect with customers in unique and creative ways, and also benefit from time-to-market and streamlined business operations. Ongoing successful brand campaigns printed on HP digital presses include Amarula, the South African producer of cream liqueur, which is now releasing a special edition of 400,000 bottles with individualized elephant icons to raise global awareness for the same remaining number of the endangered African species. The production of the one-of-a-kind designed elephant icons and names on labels was made possible by HP SmartStream Mosaic, using two seed patterns in a variable design software algorithm, and the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press.

While, Nestle is printing and giving away more than 56,000 personalized Kit Kat packages in a campaign, produced by UK-based HP Indigo customer Ultimate Packaging. Using Ultimate’s web-to-print capabilities, winners can personalize the chocolate packages with a photo or phrase on the Kit Kat pack, which they receive in a special presentation box. The flexible packaging packs are printed on the HP Indigo 20000 and HP Indigo WS6600 digital presses.

Besides, Melinda Apples of Italy is using social media and digital print for a campaign to support Italian apple farmers affected by the earthquake in 2016. The apple company launched the “Dedicamela” (Pledge an Apple) campaign, inviting comments on its Facebook page to encourage the afflicted farmers. The uplifting messages are integrated into the design of the corrugated boxes, and printed on an HP PageWide T1100 Press by converter Ghelfi Ondaluti. Two million cartons have been printed thus far, and another six million are slated for production. Melinda donates a euro for every message; in the first two weeks of the campaign 22,977 comments were received.

To facilitate the shift to HP digital printing, HP is also offering two new tools: the HP Agency and Designer Tool Kit and HP Brand Managers Digital Packaging Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator. The HP Agency and Designer Tool Kit offers open source training materials, enabling creatives to unleash the true potential of HP digital printing technologies. The package will be available this summer.

HP is also offering a simple-to-use tool for brand managers to calculate the ROI of various HP digitally printed packaging (labels, shrink sleeves, corrugated, folding carton and flexible packaging) compared to current conventionally printed packaging costs.

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