Schobertechnologies to display high-speed, variable web-fed converting technology

At Labelexpo Europe (September 25-28, 2017, Brussels, Belgium), Schobertechnologies will display RSM-DIGI-VARICUT, a new generation of hybrid drive technology especially designed for digitally printed flexible packaging materials, which combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting technology in re-registration mode, so that a wide range of formats can be processed with a single tool. With a fully modular design, the RSM-DIGI-VARICUT is designed to convert web width up to 850 mm, and with repeat or format length of up to 1220 mm.

The standard configuration of the RSM-DIGI-VARICUT includes a high speed, programmable robot-automated stacking and counting system (“Spider”) which combines extreme acceleration, velocity and precision at a continuous web speed of up to 50 m/min.

The equipment is designed to stack different types of products combined within the same printing image. These can be heavily nested or can be a combination of very large/long and small products. Product specific fast interchangeable pick-up plates take up products at synchronized high speed and stack them non-stop into a dual piling cassette system. A 100% product inspection system with defective product discharge is also available.

Short set-up times with minimum waste and cost-effective cutting technology with maximum lifetime due to micrometric die wear compensation adjustment are additional significant benefits of this converting technology.

Additional technologies to be highlighted at the show include die cutting, sealing/embossing, punching, cut & place, scoring/grooving, gluing/bonding, cutting, collating and product delivery.

A large selection of consumable inventory such as round, square and profile punches and dies, crimp punches and dies, circular knives, perforating and cutting wheels and blades, as well as quick change clamping bars will also be shown on the booth.

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