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First made in India JETSCI inkjet MICR printing solution installed

Monotech Systems Limited (MSL) has installed India’s first high speed inkjet MICR printing solution JETSCI-iMCR at one of the top leading security printers in south.

JETSCI-iMCR is the first inkjet solution for MICR printing and cheques personalisation with world’s fastest drop on demand technology. It is a customised solution which can be integrated with both offline and online web machines in different configurations, depending on the customers’ requirement.

Jimit Mittal, vice president – Inkjet Products and Solutions, Monotech Systems, says, “JETSCI-iMCR is the result of Monotech Systems’ vast experience and regular R&D efforts in the field of inkjet printing. MSL is being the first Indian manufacturing company to introduce state-of-the-art and latest innovative high-speed inkjet printing solution. Development is done as per the market and customer’s requirement to provide the highest flexibility, productivity and quality along with the ROI from solutions (multiple solution).”

“JETSCI i-MCR is another innovative solution from our portfolio, which provides security printers to print MICR and cheque personalisation with flexibility and have highest productivity, which in turn can replace multiple setups of the slow/short run printing systems. Along with the flexibility and productivity iMCR gives the quickest ROI to customers with reasonable capex and lowest total cost of ownership,” he adds.

JETSCI iMCR is fine tuned to provide high quality at 600 DPI and gives 100 percent of MICR printing signal strength.

“We are a trusted partner – more of a consultant rather than a vendor for our customers”

says Daisuke Mori, the newly appointed managing director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions India in an interaction with Varsha Verma of P&P.

We have very positive expectation from Indian market. The population of India is 1.34 billion and it is growing. It is estimated that by 2022 the population of India will exceed China, which is a positive sign for us. Besides, politically, the situations are also stable. So, we feel it is a big market for digital printing,” shares Daisuke Mori, MD, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India.

Talking more about the Indian digital printing market, Mori says that Indian market is very similar to the Chinese digital printing market. “The internet access is growing across the country but it is not nationwide and we believe that it is to the tune of 30% only. We still need printed medium to reach the growing population for communication. So, the usage of paper is significantly increasing in both countries,” he adds.

Focus for the current financial year…

“Our focus remains digital printing – our main business – and also industrial printing. In the industrial printing segment, we already have KM-1, which was launched at last drupa. We also have MGI roll-to-roll machine for packaging brands. We will also come up with new products for packaging. So we will be focusing on not just commercial but packaging segment also,” told Mori.

KM-1 is a 29.5-inch Sheet-fed UV inkjet press, which can produce prints of consistent density and colour tone, thus ensuring high print quality at all times. The KM-1 can handle paper of different thicknesses, ranging from thin paper to packaging paper. The KM-1 can also print, without the necessity of pre-coating, on rough paper, Japanese paper, and other types of paper that are difficult to print using a conventional press. With the ability to print on a sheet of paper slightly larger in size than B2, the KM-1 offers greater efficiency and versatility in the imposition process. For example, users can lay six pages out on a sheet of paper and print them to make double gatefold brochures or letterhead sheets.

While, MGI JETVarnish 3DW is the world’s first fully digital, roll-fed production label enhancement press, providing stunning 2D/3D UV dimensional textures and personalized, embossed Variable Data Foiling (VDF) decorative special effects without dies, screens or expensive tooling on narrow web labels.

Customers’ growth is prime…

“Our vision is to be solution provider to help customers grow their business. We are not just providing hardware, but are moving towards system solutions. One of our solutions is web-to-print where customers can grow their business and get orders from their website. This will increase their efficiency and productivity. Another important thing for Konica Minolta is customer satisfaction. So, we continuously monitor our customers’ satisfaction levels and continuously improve our operations and maximize machine uptime. This will help them produce more jobs efficiently,” shared Mori.

Konica Minolta has 2500 plus production printers in India as of now and is converging its focus to enhance the support systems for the print market. Its Infinite Web to Print solutions offer support to printing businesses in expanding their operations, warranting the best commercial value. The web to print solutions and services are easy to use and customers do not require any specialized skills to start up the business.

The solution will also help companies involved in printing operations to bolster sales and enhance relationship with their existing customers.

Deeper penetration in the market…

“In India, Konica Minolta has the most widely penetrated market. We are present across the nation but there are still a few cities where potential is there but awareness is not there,” told Mori.

“So, we have selected a few B & C category cities where we see immense potential in digital printing but have been untapped. In these cities, print volumes are low but average price per print is high. Print service providers feel that ROI may be a challenge. So, we will develop those markets which will help us to penetrate more and grow our digital pie in the overall digital print market,” added Kuldeep Malhotra, vice president, Konica Minolta Business Solution India.

To tap the market and to make people aware of the products, they will continue to organise road shows and participate in major printing exhibitions across the country.

Trends in digital printing…

“Workflow solutions are becoming more important by the day, which enhance the customer’s operational efficiency. Though there is slow adoption in the market, but in next 5 years, people will recognize its benefits and use it for their day-to-day operations,” shared Mori.

Konica Minolta offers AccurioPro end-to-end workflow automation solution. The solution comprises of three key pillars: JDF interoperability for seamless compatibility with existing commercial workflows like Agfa Apogee, Kodak Prinergy, and Screen Equios. AccurioPro Conductor has been tailored for centralised and intelligent output management. Job specs (via JDF) can be leveraged from a print MIS to effectively and efficiently load balance production across a fleet of digital presses without operator intervention. The conductor can also support finishing automation with the possibility for out-of-the-box integration due to a unique JDF converter that eliminates differences between vendors that are often hurdles to integration. While, AccurioPro Cloud Eye incorporated in the solution is for remote management and administration of colour quality and standards, and is particularly useful for multi-site quality control. Cloud Eye helps printing businesses in day-to-day colour control, sharing colour data across devices/sites, ICC profile creation, and reporting to ensure devices are within tolerance.

New products on the anvil…

“We have a few products in the pipeline – both in the production and office printing. We have recently announced the launch of Accurio Press 2060/2070 full colour machine, which can handle paper upto 350 GSM in the LPP segment. The new series replaces the bizhub PRESS C1070, C1060 high-end printing devices. Accurio Press combines the quality and performance of previous models with additional features to adapt to customer requirements and also helps in optimizing the processes and workflows in order to streamline customer print production.It also has auto duplex facility,” shared Kuldeep.

Growth curve…

According to Kuldeep, “Last year, we recorded 16-17% growth and we would like to maintain a double digit growth in 2017-18 as well. We have recorded growth more in production printing.”

Message to printing fraternity…

“The management of Konica Minolta has changed but our philosophy remains the same. We will continue to offer our best in terms of products, services and solutions to customers. Globally, we are promoting customer-centric approach and we try our best to provide them solutions as per their needs. We are a trusted partner of our customers and we want to be known more as a consultant rather than a vendor. We will try to bring efficiencies in their systems to increase their productivity so that they can grow their business with Konica Minolta,” concludes Mori.

Konica Minolta launches two new Accurio presses

Further cementing its position in the digital industrial printing segment, Konica Minolta has added two new presses, AccurioPress C2070/2060 to its portfolio of cutting edge printing solutions.

The AccurioPress C2070/ C2060 machine comes as the successor of bizhub PRESS C1070/ C1060 and is an ideal solution to cater to mid-range digital colour printing jobs. The solution has been launched with significant upgrades and refinements as compared to its predecessors and offers complete scalability to meet the growing requirements of printing businesses and enhance productivity.

AccurioPress C2070/ 2060 offers high speed dual scanning at speeds up to 240 ipm for hard-copy originals; 1200 x 1200 DPI resolution with 8-bit processing for smoother, more realistic images; enhanced Simitri HDE toner for superior halftone and skin-tone reproduction, with biomass plant-based material to reduce environmental impact; SEAD V Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Processing System continuously maintains image stability etc.

AccurioPress C2070/ C2060 is equipped with the best in class 300 GSM Auto-Duplex and can also print on media upto 350 GSM. The machine is capable to take media sizes upto 47 inches. Konica Minolta strives to bring all the features of the higher production devices in their entry level machines to enable the same features on the entry production systems. This adds to the flexibility for our customers and equips them with all the features to cater to wide variety of the needs from the customers.

''Our new AccurioPress C2070/C2060 series will enable printing businesses to tap new markets and opportunities with its industry leading applications. The production machines offer print outputs of the highest quality and are extremely scalable for varied customer demands. We are confident that with this launch, Konica Minolta will play a pivotal role in transforming the digital printing segment in India,'' said Daisuke Mori, MD, Konica Minolta India.

Konica Minolta will now brand each of its digital printing solutions as Accurio in place of bizhub, while AccurioPress will now replace bizhub PRESS for flagship digital production printing devices.

First Canon imagePRESS C10000VP installed in Allahabad

Designed to elevate quality, productivity and consistency, Canon’s first 100ppm colour digital press, imagePRESS C10000VP was installed at Classic Printers, Allahabad. The production print facility was inaugurated by Puneet Datta, director, Professional Printing Products (PPP), Canon India.

Superior quality, productivity and efficiency of Canon products, have always reaffirmed the customer’s credibility in them. Canon imagePress C10000VP since its launch has been a differentiator in the digital press segment, addressing the evolving demands of the professional printing space. Post installing the Canon imagePRESS C10000VP, customers across the country have witnessed close to 40% rise in their revenues which proves the profitable business model this press brings to the printers.

Sharing his thoughts at the second installation of the machine in Uttar Pradesh, Puneet said, “Markets are in the process of transition from print-first to digital-first and hence, the future of paper and print will be determined by how printing organisations reinvent themselves in the digital-first universe. Non-metro cities have been witnessing a high growth in adoption of technologies and even in printing printers want to embrace the latest and best technologies available in the market place and Canon is the first choice for such printers. The time of embrace digital is ‘now’ for such cities and printing organisations. As the ‘best in class’ the imagePRESS C10000VP colour digital press is a landmark product in the Professional Print segment. It has been instrumental in allowing our customers to exploit the growth in the colour production market while harnessing the tremendous growth and opportunities digital printing has to offer. Constantly evolving and innovating to stay ahead, Classic Printers is one such market leader that has elevated their services with this installation.”

Sharing his experience at the launch, Joginder Gupta of Classic Printers, said, “We started as a small unit almost ten years back and over the years, with support of partners like Canon we have developed in the space of print, service and design. We are a professionally run firm, dedicated to deliver quality work on a wide range of communication. With our in house professional photography and graphic designing department, we provide our customers, economical and high quality prints. Canon has played an imperative role in contributing towards our growth and we are confident that imagePRESS C10000VP with its state-of-the-art technology will further strengthen our endeavor of increased and effective customer outreach.”

The imagePRESS C10000VP comes with 2400 x 2440 dpi resolution, a choice of new front end controllers based on EFI Fiery FS200 Pro Platform enables the product to streamline the workflow and media handling capabilities from 60 gsm to 350 gsm. Engineered to deliver production printing excellence for the business advantage of its users, it is designed to meet the increasing demand from both commercial and in-house print service providers (PSPs) for higher production volumes without compromising on quality. It can help commercial printers, in-plants, production hubs, direct mail and transaction print service providers to produce a broader range of applications in shorter turnaround times. With its high quality printing, steady colour and efficiency it has garnered major attention in the Indian print market in less than a year’s time, thereby, setting a benchmark in the digital colour printing segment.

Canon India installs its 29th imagePRESS C10000VP in Lucknow

–This installation in the city is in response to the rising demand for high volume printing in the market.

To revolutionise the professional printing industry in Uttar Pradesh, Canon India Pvt Ltd has installed the first top-of-the-range iPR C10000VP printer in the state capital, Lucknow. iPR C10000VP is Canon’s first 100ppm machine which has the ability to produce consistent high quality prints on textured media. It is the strongest digital-color production-printer lineup Canon has ever offered. The machine was installed at DD Enterprises, in the presence of Puneet Datta, director of Professional Printing Products (PPP), Canon India.

The specifications…

The imagePRESS C10000VP comes with 2400 x 2440 dpi resolution, a choice of new front end controllers based on EFI Fiery FS200 Pro Platform enables the product to streamline the workflow and media handling capabilities from 60 gsm to 350 gsm. Engineered to deliver production printing excellence for the business advantage of its users, it is designed to meet the increasing demand from both commercial and in-house print service providers (PSPs) for higher production volumes without compromising on quality. It can help commercial printers, in-plants, production hubs, direct mail and transaction print service providers to produce a broader range of applications in shorter turnaround times.

The imagePRESS C10000VP Series can deliver outstanding customer output while also benefitting from impressive productivity and reliability. It features intuitive operation and can help maximize uptime with automated calibration. High quality, efficient printing with consistent colour and accuracy, this is the 29th installation in the country since its launch in December 2015.

The Canon trust

Canon products have always emphasized superior quality, productivity and efficiency for customers, thus, reinforcing their belief in the brand. This latest set up of imagePress C10000VP yet again brings to forefront the customer’s faith in the company as the earlier products being used by DD Enterprises are all Canon products.

Canon focus on regional penetration…

Expressing his views on the increasing market demand for the machine, Puneet said, “At Canon, we believe that technological innovations are key to drawing a parallel between market demands and trends. Leading in innovation, we are delighted to support our customers with newer technologies and keep them at pace with the global printing practices. ImagepressVP is one such product that has redefined the medium and high volume printing in the country. Heading a formidable line-up, the imagePRESS C10000VP has been instrumental in allowing our customers to exploit the growth in the colour production market. It is ideal both for existing customers who have grown their print volumes with the imagePRESS series and are now looking for the next step in high quality colour productivity, as well as for other customers who want to take advantage of the changing market demands.”

“This launch is our step ahead in the direction of increased customer outreach. Focused on deeper regional penetration, we envision to digitally empower wider geographies of the country, by expanding our reach and making our products and solutions available in over 100 cities in the next 3-4 years,” he added.

Keeping the expectations high…

Sharing his delight at the launch, Dinesh Joshi, owner, DD Enterprises, said, “As we expand our product portfolio, with the revolutionary imagePressC10000 VP, it stands testimony to the progress of our productive and profitable relationship. Having started this collaboration three years back with a large format inkjet printer imagePROGRAF 750, we have been progressing with Canon printers to match the evolving and increasing consumer requirements. Canon has played an imperative role in contributing towards our professional development and we foresee expanding this relationship in the coming years.”

Joshi plans to foray into the packaging printing with the installation of this high-end machinery iPR C10000VP. So far, he has produced carton boxes for Halo Mobile. Joshi also plans to expand his operations into Uttarakhand, where he sees good potential. “I used to print 25000-30000 prints every month but now with the installation of iPR C100000VP, I can target to hit 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh prints within a month,” he concluded.

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