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India’s First HP LATEX 2700 installed at AR Enterprises


AR Enterprises, Bhubaneswar, has made a groundbreaking investment in India’s first HP Latex 2700 10ft roll-to-roll industrial model. The introduction of this cutting-edge technology has garnered tremendous acclaim since its unveiling at the Media Expo Mumbai. Insight Print Communications, an exclusive partner of HP Latex industrial machines completed the installation of this machine at Bhubaneswar.

AR Enterprises, a sister concern of the esteemed Plastic House, renowned for its prominence in Odisha, was established by Gaurav Jain and Anant Agarwal. Plastic House was established in 1988 in Cuttack by Late Rajesh Kumar Jain.

This landmark installation of the HP Latex 2700 by AR Enterprises symbolizes their commitment to pioneering innovation and their dedication to delivering exceptional services to their clients. With its state-of-the-art features and advanced capabilities, the HP Latex 2700 will revolutionize the printing industry in India, offering unparalleled quality, efficiency, and versatility.

“As India gear up for the G20 Summit this year, sustainability and addressing climate change take center stage. The next few years will be transformative for the printing industry, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and recycling. When it comes to investing in technology that ensures a future-ready approach, there’s no alternative to HP Latex,” adds Gaurav.

HP Latex 2700 offers an incredible speed of 958 square feet per hour, it ensures maximum productivity without compromising on vivid colors. It enables uninterrupted printing with fully automated printhead maintenance eliminating any potential disruption and there is zero ink wastage.

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