Scodix introduces ‘S Series’ with four new features


The provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, Scodix introduces the new Scodix digital press ‘S Series’, to support B2+ and B3+ size applications. With the S52 and S74 presses, Scodix will push the envelope further with differentiating capabilities that print service providers (PSPs) can pass on to their customers.

“Our mission is to enable our customers to significantly differentiate themselves through more sophisticated technology and services. Our newest features enable users to take these services to the next level. And, since Scodix’s enhancement products are modular and their new features are add-ons that can be fully integrated into customers’ existing Scodix systems, PSP’s can easily and cost-effectively provide the ScodixSENSE experience to an increasing and more demanding audience,” conveys Kobi Bar, CEO and founder of Scodix. Scodix S52 and S74 offer increased size versatility as well as four new features including digital glitter, VDP, braille printing, and inline barcoding. The Scodix Rainbow Station is the world’s first in-house digital inkjet glittering station producing the Scodix Digital Glittering experience. Scodix is now the only supplier to deliver this one-of-a-kind glitter solution, creating new opportunities for photo-album covers, marketing communication materials, cosmetics and premium packaging, business cards, wedding invitations and other short-run applications.

The Scodix inkjet Braille printing technology is a breakthrough in providing materials to the blind and visually impaired. In addition to recreating standard raised Braille formats, the Scodix inkjet Braille technology can also reproduce scientific elements, shapes such as triangles and circles, and animal forms. Unlike regular Braille, the letters and shapes created by Scodix stay raised at the same height, never flatten and are very easy to sense read.

Scodix is also the world first digital enhancement company that offers VDP using clear polymer or digital glittering. With Scodix S Series a PSP can offer the clients to have personalized greeting cards, ordered on-line with glittering or Scodix SENSE clear polymer impact – exactly on each different name on the cards. In a new world of short runs, and high value proposition applications, personalized enhancements are key for success and high quality work. Besides, Scodix S Series users can use a supporting barcode reader and software system for identification of printed sheets before Scodix enhancement is applied. The Barcode system is used with VDP to identify personalized jobs and enable separations receive clear polymer on specific pages.

In India, Monotech Systems Limited is distributor of Scodix products.

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