Ensuring energy efficient UV printing


Over the years, the UV technology has become a well-known and successful drying (curing) procedure in the printing industry for sheet-fed offset, rotary printing as well as digital inkjet printing, enabling significant reduction of drying times (instant curing of inks and varnishes) and to achieve an unique print finishing, especially in the field of package printing (e.g. highest gloss without powder and excellent scratch resistance. But reducing energy consumption is one of the major challenges to ensure cost-effective application of UV technologies. Enabling Indian printers to face this challenge efficiently, New Delhi based Galaxy Propac Pvt Ltd (GPPL) offers Eltosch solutions.

For more than thirty years Eltosch Torsten Schmidt Gmbh has been developing and manufacturing infrared, hot air and ultraviolet drying systems for the printing industry, which are used worldwide. In 2008, the company Eltosch Torsten Schmidt GmbH was taken over by Dr Hönle AG. In recent years, Eltosch has very successfully developed an economical and ecological innovative printing system. The energy-minimized UV printing has been achieved by a special designed UV module Eco Power Cure (an enhanced reflector geometry with incredible UV yield at maximum efficiency) with adjusted peripheral devices and electronically power supplies by Eltosch. The system´s ‘energy-minimized UV curing’ certification, awarded by the independent German Berufsgenossenschaft (BG), demonstrates the strong commitment to both, performance and ecology. A component of this is LEC (Low Energy Curing) by Eltosch. The LEC-technology is based on the combination of special doped lamps and high reactive UV inks, allowing a complete curing (drying) of printed sheets at minimized energy input.

Developed by Dr Hönle AG, the Eco Power LED is a high-performance UV array for intermediate (pinning) and end curing (drying). This technology is usually used for inkjet printing applications, but is also increasingly used for sheet-fed offset printing applications. ECO Power LED is also applied for curing varnishes, adhesives and sealants.

Additionally, the Eltosch product range includes a newly developed energy efficient infrared/hot air unit Eco Power Dry with significant characteristics for an ecological and economical energy-minimized drying of standard inks and water-based coatings. The product line also offers Eco Power Clean, an effective powder and cleaning system for sheet-fed offset printing presses. Among the aspect of worldwide efforts to save energy Eltosch offers their clients in the range of paper, plastic, foil and package printing core competence and solutions for the energy efficient UV printing.

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