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JN Arora Group and OKI launch PRO Series OKI printers for flexible label and graphic arts production


JN Arora Group joins hands with OKI to introduce a line of OKI PRO Series printers, which are perfectly engineered and designed to mark a new era of flexible label printing and taking graphic arts printing to another level. The newly unveiled printers are OKI PRO1040 & 1050 flexible label printers, OKIPRO 9541dn & PRO9542dn graphic arts printers and a five-colour PRO9541WT (CMYK + White) transfer printer.

Swarmed with attendees from all over Delhi and NCR, the launch of OKI Series printers by JN Arora Group and OKI in New Delhi marked a new paradigm shift in flexible label and graphics arts printing and production. “India is a big and growing market for OKI. The label and graphic arts printing markets in the country are vibrant and flourishing. We are quite confident that JN Arora Group will help us increase our customer base in India and the group will remain the sole OKI distributor in the country,” said Yousef Zamrawy, Regional Sales Manager—Levant & India.

Yousef continued to say that the OKI printers introduced by JN Arora Group and OKI are perfectly designed for the Indian market. “These printers are cost-effective and suitable for customers looking for extending in-house printing capabilities for print on-demand and short-run jobs,” he mentioned, adding that it’s time for them (users of these printers) to maximise production of high-quality graphic arts, roll-to-roll label and garment heat transfer.

New era of flexible label printing

The newly launched OKI PRO1040 & 1050 flexible label printers take creativity and flexibility to a new level, offering professional four- (1040) and five-colour (1050) narrow-format printing across a wide range of materials. “Users of these printers will open a new customer base and a lucrative revenue stream in on-demand and short-run colour label production,” said Vimlesh Arora, Managing Director, JN Arora Group. Equipped with digital LED technology together with dry tonner technology, the fifth colour or CMYK+1 option of the printers allow users greater flexibility in label designs, straightforward printing an opaque white background under the CMYK image, either on transparent or colour media.

OKI PRO1040 & 1050 easily handle all new types of materials which inkjet label printers simply can’t, so that businesses can take on new creative ideas and complex jobs. These printers have unrivalled media handling capability, printing on a huge range of materials like textured paper & synthetics, white, clear, opaque and colour substrates of thickness ranging from 0.076 mm to 0.250mm. The printers can run at the maximum speed of 152.4mm/sec to print in resolution of 1200×1200 dpi or 600 x 600 dpi.

Graphic arts printing to a new level

OKI PRO 9541dn & PRO9542dn are designed to take graphics arts printing to a new level, offering outstanding print quality, higher print speeds and lower cost of ownership. The printers are perfectly engineered for complete media flexibility plus unique option of printing with a fifth colour and users can now print on-demand a full range of process colours, including solid white on dark background. In addition, the printers are fully compatible with EFI Fiery XF 5.0 server which enables advanced colour management, including white and process colours, optimising colour depth and print quality.

Quite affordable in their class, these printers are capable to churn not only full range of process colours but also white. Both the systems feature the combination of digital LED technology and multi-level PRO Q technology to produce sharpest and most vibrant print output ever created in resolution of 1200×1200 dpi. Offering the highest print speeds in the market, OKI PRO 9541dn & PRO9542dn deliver fast short run on-demand speeds of printing A3 size at 28 ppm in colour/mono and A4 size in 50 ppm in colour/mono. Materials compatible with these two printers consist of gloss paper, film, transfer paper, water-proof paper and more — all printable in duplex mode.

A new digital transfer printer

Stood out unique among the newly launched OKI PRO Series printers was the PRO 9541 WT— a five-colour (CMYK + White) digital transfer printer, designed with oversize A3 print capability and diverse digital transfer and screen printing applications for textile and hard surface goods, promotional merchandises and more. Vimlesh pointed out that PRO 9541 WT can personalise almost anything right from T-shirt and garment up to ceramic, plastic, metal, etc.

He added, “Far beyond just T-shirt printing, use PRO 9541 WT and transfer your designs onto a wide variety of surfaces, creating a line of decorative and promotional items. Compatible garment and textile surfaces are cotton, canvas, nylon, leather, polyester, denim, felt, etc, whereas hard surfaces include acrylic, glass, enamel, ceramic, metal, wood and others.” As no cutting or weeding is required, users of this system can easily produce high-quality, detailed products, which any other conventional printer could ever do.

PRO 9541 WT can maximize production by using 329x483mm (A3+) size sheets, which in turn saves time and cost per job. No matter what the size of the sheet is, this OKI PRO Series printer delivers high-quality and cost effective transfer, running in single-pass printing for quick results at the speeds of 18 ppm, delivering prints in true resolution of 1200 x1200 dpi. In addition, Neelah, which partners with OKI to provide a revolutionary environment-friendly solution for screen print shop, offers EXOSTENSIL Screen Prep Paper to be printed on PRO 9541 WT in a ‘chemical-free’ way.

Touching upon OKI’s brand statement ‘Open Up Your Dream’ Yousef emphasised that the newly launched OKI PRO Series printers could now open a lot of new avenues and opportunities for printing and reprographic shops, which will eventually help them stop giving profits to their competitors.

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