National and Global Print Awards conferred to distinguished printers


During a glittering ceremony National Awards for Excellence in Printing (15th NAEP) were presented to 69 distinguished printers of India. During the same Print Excellence Award Ceremony, Global Print Excellence Awards (GPEA-2023) were also conferred to 12 eminent printers. The top winner in both the competitions remained JAK Printer Pvt Ltd from Mumbai. Organized by the All India Federation of Master Printers, NAEP is the biggest and most recognised awards for the printing sector.

In all 69 Gold, 66 Silver, 59 certificates of merit and 9 Special jury awards were distributed to the winner of 15th NAEP 2023.The major winners of this year were: National Star Printer of the year 2023: JAK Printers Pvt Ltd Mumbai; Best Printer of the year 2023 (supported by DRUPA): Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd Hyderabad; Best Packaging Printer of the year 2023: Parksons Packaging Ltd Mumbai; Best Digital Printer of the year 2023 (supported by BINDWEL): Avantika Printers Pvt Ltd New Delhi and Best Screen Printer of the year 2023: DRS Arts Company Ahmedabad.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Kamal Chopra, organising secretary said, the 15th edition of coveted print awards was conducted under the guidance and control of its Chairman, Padmashree Vijay Kumar Chopra, Former President of AIFMP. “Combining the NAEP and GPEA, we have received 1833 entries from 162 printers,” he added.

In his report Chopra mentioned that to widen the peripheral of awards an international competition was also arranged alongside the NAEP for the first time ever. Global Print Excellence Awards (GPEA) were introduced to recognize excellence in printing world over. “For this first edition of GPEA we received 391 entries of 32 printers from 6 countries. 241 entries were received from India, 160 from Sri Lanka, 6 each from Bangladesh and Bhutan, 4 from UAE and one from Indonesia,” he shared.

In Global Print Excellence Awards (GPEA 2023) 24 Gold, 20 Silver, 18 Certificates of Merit and 5 special jury awards were conferred. The prominent winners in Global competition remained: Best of GPEA 2023 and Best Offset Printed Products: JAK Printers Pvt Ltd India; Best Digital Printed Products: Printcare PLC Sri Lanka; Best Screen-Printed Products: Archana Advertising Pvt Ltd India; Best Flexography Products: Kumar Labels India.

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