Delhi’s Aryan Enterprises acquires PixelGlow to illuminate new horizons


In order to cope with the increasing demands for unconventional print innovations surging in the market, New Delhi-based Aryan Enterprises has on boarded a PixelGlow—a groundbreaking digital spot UV and foiling machine. This PixelGlow now innovatively churning out highly enriched and embellished graphics at Aryan Enterprises is indigenously manufactured by Monotech System, a leading machine manufacturer and one-stop solution provider for the printing & packaging industry globally.

Manoj Kumar Agarwal with PixelGlow

“When we happened to know that some of our customers wished something fancy and flashy to be added in their products, what it pulled our attention was towards the installation of an advanced digital UV enhancement machine. So, we started our search for an ideal machine of such kind that could absolutely meet the requirement. Our search came to a halt at Monotech Systems where we embarked upon the PixelGlow, which is ideally a highly-accurate and cost-effective digital print enhancement machine,” remarks Manoj Kumar Agarwal, Proprietor of Aryan Enterprises.

Since its inception in the year 2012, Aryan Enterprises has been indulging in printing and production of a diverse range of products. The range primarily consists of greeting cards, notebooks, envelops, wedding invitations, writing pads, menus, brochures, CD labels, fliers, leaflets, diaries, magazines, so on. “More or less, we need to fulfill our customers’ demands for enhanced prints. After all, with all these gradual advents of ultramodern print enhancement technologies, era of ordinariness in printed products is over. It means ordinariness doesn’t sell these days. This is where PixelGlow plays its role at Aryan Enterprises,” tells Manoj.

He adds, “After the installation of PixelGlow it feels like we are fit to unearth the whole new print innovations. Very specifically, we now transform the looks and feels of products like wedding invitations, greeting cards, and magazine covers, as per our customers’ desire. With this spot UV and foiling system, we are now proficient to enhance and embellish any graphic prints produced on thick substrates. In a way, this is indeed the need of the hour to woo our customers and boost business to a new elevation.”

Based on variable drop-on-demand inkjet technology, PixelGlow is a perfectly engineered digital UV and foiling system. It is highly accurate and reliable on high-speed printing with efficient vacuum suction for flatbed. The system helps Aryan Enterprises offer its customers innovatively enhanced graphic communications products with tangible dimensions. Manoj says there are still a lot of possibilities to be discovered using the advanced features of PixelGlow.

PixelGlow is capable to print in resolution up to 600x4800dpi on a broad range of substrates weighing from 170 to 500gsm. With efficient height adjustment system, it can take on materials up to B3 size (355×508 mm/14×20 inches) with thickness up to 500 microns. Moreover, being a highly cost-effective machine PixelGlow can add varnish thickness up to 250 microns with (varnish) ink on ordinarily printed graphics, which in turn delivers the same 3D effects any other expensive machines in the market produce.

“PixelGlow is very user friendly. Just fit everything on it, push a button and then get impressively enhanced graphics on the fly—it’s amazing! Now, this will become a major part of what we do and we look forward to co-operating further with Monotech Systems wherefrom we buy PixelGlow as our first machine from them and who knows we would go for more in future, if needed,” mentions Manoj. He is quick to say how much the entire production team of Aryan Enterprises is appreciating the capacity and outputs of PixelGlow.


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