AIFMP’s Awards to celebrate change


In the era of rapid evolutions, overnight transformations, and short-lived consumer trends, the print and packaging industry responds with the continuous development of new products and solutions. Coming February, AIFMP’s NAEP and GPEA will celebrate this transformative change.

Celebrating Excellence with Change; is the mission of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) for the National Awards for Excellence in Printing (NAEP) and the Global Print Excellence Awards (GPEA) for 2024.

In his letter, CR Janardhana, Chairperson-National, writes, “In today’s challenging business scenario, the only thing constant is “Change.” You will agree that decade-after-decade changes in consumer behaviour unboxing experiences, global trends, etc, have continuously evolved our Print & Packaging. And the pandemic has only accelerated its pace with digitation,erasing the geographical boundaries greatly.”

A long and proud legacy

Organised by the AIFMP, NAEP is the most significant and widely recognised award for the printing sector in India and internationally.AlFMP has been the bearer of the printing industry in India for decades. Receiving recognition for the print professionals’ talent has not been easy, primarily due to the Government of India’s (Gol) decision to stop giving the National Awards Excellence in Printing (NAEP) in 1985.AIFMP took the challenge and started bestowing NAEP in 1999, from the little resources available with the Federation.

GPEA were introduced in 2023 to recognise excellence in printing the world over. In its maiden edition, the GPEA was taken earnestly, and all the leading trade magazine from around the globe covered it in their print and online editions. For this first edition of GPEA, AIFMP received 391 entries from 32 printers from & countries. As many as 241 entries were received from India, 6 from Bangladesh and Bhutan, 4 from UAE and 1 from Indonesia.

This success in its first-ever edition underlines the strong legacy of AFMP’s Print Excellence awards firmly established by the NAEP.

Change: a springboard for rapid growth

AFMP adopted the concept of change, global evolution and growth for the 2024 awards edition. The concept will result from two factors: embracing and nurturing the foundation laid down by the print and packaging pundits; and next-level evolution by inviting generation-next experts to take the legacy forward.

Inviting the printers to submit their entries and participate in the two awards, Chairperson Janardhana writes,“Respected, coveted and yearned for, both Awards offer incredible opportunities to the printers. These awards allow you to showcase your talent to the industry on national and international platforms.” The NAEP and CPEA serve as a medium to network with industry professionals, gain invaluable exposure and win-over new clients by being the perfect opportunities to showcase your outstanding work.

The awards will be held on February 8, 2024. The Logo design of NAEP colourfully celebrates The Only Ones who win it by raising him/her to star-heights. While, GPEA’s logo is a fresh representation of CMYK Colours with elements that depict the global phenomena of sustainability and reaching out to new horizons.

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