Printing industry rebounces, Asia-Pacific the fastest growing region!


Sonal KhuranaThere’s a good news for the industry. Worldwide Market for Print 2.0: Global Opportunities in Publishing Printing and Marketing & Commercial Printing (WWMP) — states that while the US, UK, Germany, China and France are the five largest marketing & commercial printing markets, Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing region, with India, Indonesia and Vietnam leading the way. With the worldwide connection to the internet, publishing printing and marketing & commercial printing are losing ground, especially in developed markets. Conversely, in emerging markets, technology has allowed countries to advance to digital media, however, printing is still a cheaper and more effective medium where fewer of the population are regularly online.

While, the 5th drupa Global Trends Report, tracking key economic and market developments across the global print industry says that printers in general are increasingly confident in their future prospects and their suppliers even more so. In 2017, 40% of printers described their company as in a ‘good’ economic state and 9% described it as ‘poor’ (the balance answered ‘satisfactory’).

Turning to market sectors, packaging printers have grown steadily in confidence; as have Functional printers. Commercial and Publishing printers have also been gaining steadily in confidence, although there is a clear loss of momentum amongst Publishing printers this year. The report also states that plans for print investment in 2018 depend on the market sector, with Flexo the most popular choice in Packaging, followed by Sheetfed offset. In Commercial, it is Digital toner cutsheet colour that leads followed closely by Sheetfed offset and Digital inkjet wide-format. In Publishing, it is Sheetfed offset that leads and Digital toner cutsheet colour in second. While in Functional, it is Digital toner cutsheet colour that leads and Digital inkjet wide-format in second.

Talking about the Indian printing industry, in a move not expected by most of the players in the industry, the Director General of Anti Dumping (DGAD) has recommended removal of Anti Dumping Duty (ADD) on Digital Offset Printing Plates. The said duty has been in place since after the first initiation petition filed by printing major TechNova Imaging Systems In 2011. The Central government had imposed anti dumping duty on the subject goods, originated in or exported from China PR for a period of 5 years subject to a Mid-Term and a Sunset Review. Thereafter, after the expiry of a period of five years, the Sunset Review was initiated in order to decide whether the ADD should continue and a host of interested parties filed their findings / submissions for and against the motion. This move is sure to affect the ‘Made in India’ digital offset printing plates segment. While, the importers of digital offset printing plates will be relieved. What would be the overall affect of this move is yet to be seen.

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