MMS felicitates Ramesh Kejriwal


Mumbai Mudrak Sangh presented the Lifetime Achievement Award (MMS- LTA) to the veteran printer and visionary packaging business stalwart Ramesh Kejriwal. The MMS- LTA award ceremony was hosted at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, as a part of the day-long celebrations of the Printers’ Day by MMS.

Kejriwal’s journey began in 1972, when he joined the printing industry as a fresh graduate from the Government Institute of Printing Technology (GIPT), Mumbai. He joined the family business, Parksons Printers, starting from the shopfloor. “I distinctly remember that in 1978, I was entrusted to run the day-to-day business when the two of our key personnel parted ways,” said Kejriwal in his speech. “And since, for over four decades, I have been in the business shouldering the responsibilities and leading from the front.”

“It wasn’t easy to change tracks and evolve into a packaging business but we did it because to be successful, you must have an appetite for risk.” Sharing the success mantra, he said, “I learned the business principles from my father. He taught me to be fair and square. My teacher taught me punctuality, the importance of time. My mother gave me humility and patience. It is these three principles that are essentially the core of who I am today.”

Indeed an honest yet very humble self assessment, Kejriwal is known in the industry for his fair yet bold business practices.

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