Valence becomes the first Indian company
to manufacture ex proof static charge eliminators


Valence Electrons Private Limited – an ATE group company headquartered in Bengaluru, is a leader in providing world class solutions for managing static electricity, ink handling, surface cleaning, and heat recovery in various industrial applications. Valence is involved in design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and support of various products and serve customers from various countries across the world with innovative products and solutions. Presently, Valence offers a wide range of products and solutions to a plethora of industries such as flexible packaging, printing, textiles, plastics, glass, pharmaceutical to name a few.

In many industrial applications excessive presence of static electricity can create unwanted problems like shocks to operator, dust/dirt accumulation and reduced productivity and fire hazards. Hence, during a production run, such static charges pose a huge problem and hence needs to be neutralised. Static charge eliminators are deployed for such removal. Closer the proximity of static eliminators with the moving charged target, better are the chances of effective static charge removal. In certain processes for effective static removal, the static eliminator needs to be positioned in explosion prone hazardous locations.

Valence announced launch of explosion proof ATEX certified static charge eliminating bars in PlastIndia exhibition to be held at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Valence is the first Indian manufacturing company to launch ATEX certified static charge eliminators.

Ashok Sethuram, Director Valence Electrons said, “We are proud of being the first Indian manufacturing company to offer ATEX certified static charge eliminators. These are highly efficient static eliminating bars, designed for neutralizing electrostatic charges from fast moving films, paper and other non-conductive substrates (webs) in hazardous conditions.”

A row of electrodes, provided along the active length of static eliminating bar, generates ions of both the polarities, ensuring that positive and negative charges are quickly and effectively neutralized. This shock-less spark-free static charge eliminators are helpful in improving output quality and enhance productivity with fewer machine stoppages. By passive discharging through electrodes, static eliminators are safe to use even when the power supply is off. Static eliminating bars are powered by high voltage AC power sources and are a compact, sturdy and efficient electrostatic charge removal system.

With deep domain knowledge in control of electrostatic charges, Valence is known as a reliable source of quality products. Valence believes that ATEX certifications for static eliminators will provide customers with a competitive edge through the direct impact it has on improved safety, output quality, waste reduction, and improved efficiency, thus leading to increased sales and profitability.

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