PAPER BIND to distribute GMP products in India


Pioneers in print finishing solutions, PAPER BIND announced their alliance with Korea based GMP Co Ltd, the experts in laminating technology for their lamination range of products. D Ramalingam of P&P reports from Chennai. Always in for some innovation and improving customer experience services, esp. value addition, Anuj Mehta, CEO, PAPER BIND met Seongsoo Kim, sales director, GMP Co Ltd, Korea at the China Print, taking a step forward in acquiring All-India distributorship for their POD and commercial businesses products. GMP Co Ltd, founded in 1985 in Korea are experts in laminating machines and films. They manufacture films in rolls and sheets and also manufacture printed electronics and RFID. Founded in 2009 by First Paper Idea, PAPER BIND has established itself in manufacturing equipments for documentation and digital printing finishing operations like perfect/PUR binding, digital slit cut & crease system, numbering & perforating, folding, lamination, adhesive coater, etc. “We have had a very successful Print Expo just like last year, and have bagged orders for five laminators, eight numbers of newly launched UniFoil printers, four creasing systems and two cutting machines,” stated Anuj Mehta

About PAPER BIND’s strategy for the Southern market especially now with GMP products adds to their portfolio like digital sleeking system and photo embossing lamination system, Anuj reveals, “We have always been at the forefront in bringing the industry’s best and broadest portfolio of print finishing solutions to the Indian market and we are also very pleased with our alliance with GMP. About 67 percent of our customers are in Bangaluru and surrounding areas, more so after a successful Printpack India exhibition. Our regional branch for the South is in Bangaluru with representatives in Chennai.”

Talking about servicing part, Anuj added, “Our training programme at our demo centre in Gurgaon is very intensive with a number of modules for our service engineers. Only once the modules are complete, the service executives are given the consent to visit customer sites. Added to that, our sales team also undergoes certain service modules to equip themselves well to provide the customer with the right product for specific applications and not the ‘most expensive’ ones.” PAPER BIND also operates from Dubai to take care the Middle East and African markets and even getting enquiries from various South East Asian markets.

GMP Co Ltd took the opportunity to demonstrate their products – Surelam 380R, Excelam II 355Q, the Protopic II 540 Dual, a one touch embossing and standard lamination machine. When asked to divulge more details about ‘Sleeking’, he explained that it is spot lamination system. “What is amazing is that it can be done with different textures and designs. It could be done by replacing the usual laminating roller at the equipment exhibited with that particular roller containing dedicated textures/designs. Another specialty is that the film can also give holographic effect, silver/gold or other metallic finished lamination effects.”

‘Normally the laminating adhesives give out some odour,’ when asked about it, Kim replied, “Our products are environmental friendly. We have developed heated rollers in our boilers in such a way that when the adhesive is applied on the substrate it heats at a high temperature to stick to the surface without letting out any fume.”

With two innovative thinking minds collaborating, the market might see more value added Print Finishing solutions with ecological propositions.

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