Lecture on streamlining business operations


During 33rd founding day celebrations of the Printing Technologists Forum in Chennai, a special lecture was arranged on the topic ‘Streamlining Business Operations for Improved Performance’ by Lucas TVS Ltd. On the occasion Dr N Ravichandran, executive director, Lucas TVS Ltd brought out in practical terms the phenomenon of change in printing industry and said, “Change is so fast that we even don’t know that a change has taken place.” He stressed that motivation is the key in printing industry and advised for the proper use of Japanese method of management and techniques and suggested that TQM can be used effectively. Quality circles have brought out a lot of solutions. He added, “Print market is no more a sellers’ market. In 1970s a customer used to wait to take delivery of jobs, today it is completely reversed condition – delivery is sometimes in real time as in digital printing. Quality is decided by the customer. To overcome competition, one has to offer value addition to the customer.”

After the lecture, MS Raju Seshadrinathan, director, Nagaraj & Co gave away cash prizes to top ranking students from IPT and Anna University.

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