New photobook finishing system from Rollem


Developed in direct response to market demands for a photobook finishing system that combines high cut quality and productivity with minimum operator skills and maintenance along with the ability to change settings easily between jobs, the latest innovation from the UK-based Rollem is PhotoSlit. Initially, PhotoSlit is being aimed at fast turnaround printers, with digital web-to-print workflows for jobs up to SRA3 (320×450 mm).

The two-dimensional bleed cutting facility incorporated with PhotoSlit is said to provide the most accurate and narrow bleed cutting in the world. With a gutter size as small as 1.6 mm, the new system can significantly reduce waste and produce more pages per printed sheet than other photobook systems on the market. The long-life slitting blades should last between three and six months in a normal, busy production environment. It can handle up to 8,000 SRA3 sheets an hour. The page size range is from A6 to A3 and Rollem says it could make a system capable of handling sheets down to 75 x 30 mm.

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