USAR line of label finishing upgraded; first one installed at Sky Pack


VINSAK has always played a pivotal role in the technological front for the packaging &label industry. In 2018, VINSAK installed more than 25 USAR machines out of which 8 were exported to packaging companies in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

With this aim, VINSAK has introduced three new products to its range viz. two new variants to its USAR range and an upgraded version of the Reel Lifter VRL.

The first variant is a unit which can also produce sheets &labels and the second variant can handle lami tubes and thin films to be slit.

The first variant allows a standard rotary die cutting unit for roll to roll labels, to be installed with a sheet conveyor which allows the production of wet glue paper labels, sheets, and cut and stack labels for bottle wraps. This allows the standard label convertor to venture out into new markets thus increasing their product offering.

The second variant, a modified new slitter, is developed to slit the lami tube materials & thin films. Built with a large size dual rewind, the system has lay on rollers for each rewind along with the necessary static removal equipment to handle these products. An integration with camera systems has also been developed for the same. The first of these new variants has been installed at Sky Pack India in Faridabad.

The two new variants will add a whole new gamut of possibilities that can be achieved via using the equipment.

VINASAK Roll Lifter (VRL Series) is another such innovation in the series. It is a portable roll lifter equipped with safety brakes for loading unloading and transporting the rolls safely. It proposes solution to all the problems which were earlier accompanying the tedious process of manual roll lifting. The equipment is well suited to reduce and eliminate all the occupational hazards and injuries. It reduces or even eliminates all the possibilities of accidents and material mishandling. A new higher capacity hoist and stronger frame designs have been developed to handle reels upto 250 Kgs in weight for 500mm width model, or upto 400 Kgs of weight for a 1000mm width model.

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