Automatic register control system for rotogravure printing machines


Print quality, productivity, reduction of waste and cost competitiveness are the main challenges faced by the print and packaging industry. To ensure that a rotogravure print of a multi-coloured image is clear and sharp, it is necessary to ensure that each colour is printed in exactly the right location with respect to the previously printed colours. If this is not done, we say the printing is ‘out of register’ or that there is registration error. Such prints have a fuzzy or blurred appearance.

Responding to these challenges, A.T.E. has developed AlygnAXIS – an upgraded version of its highly successful predecessor, Alygn. AlygnAXIS automatic register control system is designed to increase productivity, maximise operational flexibility, and reduce waste. AlygnAXIS has one of the fastest correction signals among register control systems. This, coupled with reliable hardware and software ensures accurate measurement, excellent control, and consistent performance, which ensures consistent print quality and reduced waste. It is packed with novel features and a user-friendly GUI. AlignAXIS’ Atex certified fibre optic sensors make it safe for use in explosive environments.

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