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In packaging industry, the names of those printers are reckoned with the pioneers who prove their capabilities to ensure materialization of innovative ideas at par the customer’s expectations or even beyond. Delhi NCR based Any Graphics Pvt Ltd is one such company who creates wonders in packaging segment with their value addition concept, offering customised security proof features. Recently venturing into packaging activities, Any Graphics Pvt Ltd produced a sophisticated carton for Horlicks Gold, a dairy product manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline – Consumer Healthcare Ltd, Punjab, which shows how they can imbibe excellence in packaging products. This unique carton is printed on six colour Heidelberg press, while for die-cutting, Bobst machine is used.

Naveen Goel showing an innovatively produced carton.“Value addition can provide more benefits to the user of the product, despite the cost increases slightly, making the end users to pay premium while purchasing packaged product,” conveyed Naveen Goel, director of Any Graphics, in conversation with SK Khurana, editor-P&P. “It has proved in the case of carton for Horlicks Gold. Beginning April 2011, we initially produced two lacs cartons per month for this customer, but now we have been supplying four to five lacs cartons every month, which undoubtedly shows the growth in sale of their product,” he added further.

To produce such innovative cartons, Any Graphics launched fresnel lens packaging concept in India, having single or combination of various customized lenses on the package reflecting light at multiple angles providing a 3-dimensional depth and look to the product. A single customized lens or combination of different lens structures are positioned on the package registered with printing and combined with various value-added features to create a spectacular product. This unique lens concept can be used to highlight the brand or special distinctive features of the product. Customized fresnel lens on the packaging medium captures and reflects light in a way to be much visible over greater distances. These lenses display extraordinary ‘depth’ and ‘movement’, with appearance of a ball floating in space. This enables the package to be viewed over longer distance and appears to have movement in the aisle of the departmental store because of the reflection of light at different angles of the lens. Thus, even a regular busy customer cannot miss the product at all kept on any shelf of a store.

Another best feature of this packaging concept is security proof, with which a regular customer, the end user, can distinguish between an original and a duplicate product. Whereas it is almost impossible for a customer to recognize the difference between an original hologram and a duplicate one. Not only it makes the customer aware about the ingenuity of the product but impossible to create its duplicate.

“This new and guarded technology works on customized designs of lenses. Since a design developed for a particular customer would not be shared with any other customer at all, there shall be no duplication to the same design, enabling the customer to have a security proof product. Fresnel lens is a unique concept in which the impressive looks and security feature complement each other,” explained Naveen.

Founded by his father Kuldeep Goel, as a screen print enterprise with investment of mere Rs 500 in 1983, Any Graphics has now emerged as one of India’s leading printing and packaging company. Being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, the company offers a product range of mono cartons, self adhesive labels, dome stickers, graphics, panel overlays, warranty seals, commercial print, blister cards and publicity material as a one stop solution provider to their more than 200 valued customers.

“No doubt there is a tough competition in the market, but we don’t care much as ‘innovation in printing’ is our passion,” he emphasized, replying on a query about the market scenario. “To further enhance our strengths, we recently invested rupees fifty crore in improving our infrastructure. Presently with a staff of around 200 individuals, we mark a turnover of Rs 28 crore, and expecting that to be Rs 40 crore next year,” concluded Naveen.

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