Nainital: a home to traditional and modern commercial printers


Nainital, known for being one of the country’s exotic tourist spots, is also known for being a market where dwelled a handful of commercial printers of mixed backgrounds. Some of them are just old stalwarts running AB Dick mini offset machines, still following the traditional way, with little use of modern technologies, while there are others in the league who own quality presses and deliver stunning outputs to meet the need of their customers comprising corporate biggies. Finding out their works and backgrounds, JYANESWAR LAISHRAM interacts with a few, visiting their setups predominantly located around Haldwani, a commercial town of Nainital.

A comprehensive printing corner

Dinesh Chandra
Dinesh Chandra

At the heart of the tourist town of Nainital, there is no other printing corner other than Advista which can offer comprehensive range of commercial prints. The company is a complete printing solution provider with a production setup equipped with an AB Dick mini offset machine and a line of digital presses—Konica Minolta bizhub C-258, Konica Minolta bizhub C-650, Riso CZ-158 and others. From passport size photos up to roadside hoardings, Advista caters to everything under its roof.

Advista also has a wide-format printing division, which is equipped with a five-ft ColorJet from ColorJet India (Apsom Infotex). The company’s state-of-the-art production facility is handled by half a dozen printing professionals taking care of the presses/machines and any other related tasks like graphic designing. Dinesh Chandra, graphic designer at Advista, has 20 years of experience to his credit.

As a brainchild of Anchal Pant, Advista was established in the year 2006 in Nainital. The company has been a sole provider of all sorts of commercial prints and promotional graphics like outdoor posters to a number of hotels in the tourist town of Nainital. “In addition to hotels we have quite a number of institutes in our client list,” says Anchal, adding that All Saints’ College is one of the company’s old clients. In addition to commercial printing, Advista’s expertise involves in on-demand book printing, T-shirt, pillow and cushion printing as well as printing on gift items like mugs and caps in customised way.

Anchal says their idea of combining both commercial printing and wide-format graphic printing has been set to eventually meet all sorts of demand from their customers from diverse market domains or walks of life. “Today, people don’t have time to shuttle from pillar to pillar for petty jobs. That’s why our attempt is to offer everything our customers want under our roof—be it business card, receipt book wide-format graphics or just simple wedding cards,” mentions Anchal.

Aarish Enterprises
A complete solution provider

Diksha Sahu
Diksha Sahu

Aarish Enterprises in Haldwani is a complete printing corner, with customers expanding across all over the neighbouring towns, such as Kashipur, Rampur and Rudrapur. “In a way, we can say we cover all over Uttarakhand when it comes to measuring the geography of our coverage. We have a chunk of clients from Nainital, which is dotted with arrays of luxury hotels. These days hotels require premium commercial printed materials to boost their stature and impress clients. That’s our focus and what we provide,” says Diksha Sahu, adding that they have a production setup with an AB Dick mini offset printer. But the company ties up with some leading digital printing firms in the region to cater high-end prints.


Aarish Enterprises is considered to be an expert in wedding card and special business card printing in the town. Diksha says they deal mainly with walk-in customers, but some from the corporate sector include Big Bazaar and V-2 Retails. “Big Bazaar is one of our long-term customers. Our customers in the retail sector normally demand different sort of prints, which include product brochures, cards and promotional graphics,” he adds.

When it was incepted around 12 years back, Aarish Enterprises had nothing much to do in printing but merely engaged in graphic designing, offering design works to printing firms around the town. Time after time, to meet the need of their clients, the company eventually decided to magnify their activities. “Life has changed a lot since the day we adopted printing press/machine,” comments Diksha. The company has a separate wide-format graphic printing facility equipped with a five feet Neptune printer from ColorJet India (Apsom Infotex). When it comes to printing, Aarish Enterprises is a one-stop complete printing solution provider in the town.

In addition to all, Aarish Enterprises also engages in production of cable TV ads and such activities in the domain. “Our overall aim is to offer our customers anything they require,” mentions Diksha, adding that wedding cards, identity cards and products brochures of all kinds are mainstay of their activities. Next plan of Aarish Enterprises is to adopt a multi-colour press with which they would like to push their activities to a new level.

Bharat Printers
A journey into new technologies

Ashraf Parvez
Ashraf Parvez

Bharat Enterprises over the last ten years has grown from one level to another, fulfilling the increasing demands for diverse commercial prints from their customers in Nainital and other parts of Uttarakhand. Incepted in the year 1980 with the adoption of a mini offset press AB Dick, the company was quite popular in the town for printing bill books, invitations, leaflets and others for a select group of customers. “We upgraded our printing set up from time to time, as we have added some new digital presses in the lineup,” says Ashraf Parvez, director, Bharat Enterprises.

As of now the machine portfolio of the company consists of two new Konica Minolta bizhub-164 machines. Ashraf says the adoption of the new digital presses has pushed them to a new level, magnifying their overall activities, which in turn expanded their client base. In the follow-up of the machine portfolio upgrade, Bharat Enterprises is now capable to pull attention of big corporate companies. As of now, the company’s client list consists of a league of popular schools, colleges, malls and corporate firms.

A team of six well-experienced professionals is behind the company’s overall tasks of handling projects implemented across Nainital and many other towns of Uttarakhand. According to Ashraf, they are now focusing on Nainital and its surrounding regions, but the plan they have in pipeline is to upgrade their machine portfolio, adding some new multi-colour presses. He says their ultimate aim is to continously go for newer technologies that help them expand options and opportunities they offer to their customers.

Gaurav Offset Printing
A popular printer for all

Ramesh Chandra Pant
Ramesh Chandra Pant

Though based in Haldwani town in Nainital, Gaurav Offset Printing has its popularity all over the region. The company is known for a host of its regular clients from different market sectors, as well as people from different walks of life. Anand Dhooth, Pataka Industries and India Gate Basmati Rice are some of the regular customers of Gaurav Offset Printing that have been associated with them for years. “We constantly receive a host of walk-in customers everyday who constitute the major chunk of our client list,” says Ramesh Chandra Pant, founder, Gaurav Offset Printing.

“We operate for a limited number of customers, but they come from vast clusters located in different parts of Uttrakhand and beyond including Western Uttar Pradesh. We have a team of five people led by me to handle everything right from machine operation up to marketing and delivery,” says Ramesh, adding that they are planning to expand their branches to some other parts of Haldwani, with an aim to cover the whole region in efficient way. Gaurav Offset Printer is equipped with a single colour AB Dick offset press.

Gaurav Offset Printing is a company with its establishment dated back to two decades. “Ever since our inception in the late 1990s, we have been closely working with companies from different industrial clusters, in different cities and towns in north India,” says Ramesh. He adds that they have an aim to expand their client-base, for which what they are planning to expand their machine portfolio with some new technologies (machines) that have not yet been adopted by any other companies in Nainital. He says they wish to go for muti-colour offset press, because what they are doing today in the market of Nainital will soon be a dormant activity and so Gaurav Offset Printing needs to upgrade its machine portfolio to follow the market trend.

Piyush Printers
A deeply localized printer

Rajesh Bhatt
Rajesh Bhatt

It has been around a couple of years back since Rajesh Bhatt joined his father’s business at Piyush Printers, which is present for more than three decades in the market. Piyush passed on his printing business to his son Rajesh after he felt gradual deterioration in his health in 2016. “I take care of everything in the company. Though we are not highly equipped, we somehow manage everything about printing at grass- root level in a very traditional way,” says Ramesh. They manage things in traditional way because their production setup is just a single-machine facility equipped with a Heidelberg KORS single colour offset machine.

Prime products that Piyush Printers produces include wedding cards, business cards, bill books, letter pads and others which are highly demanded in the local market of Nainital. With its team of well-trained printing professionals, the company maintains efficacy in its service and product delivery. “We are deeply localized company. Our client base is just a chunk of walk-in customers, who regularly come to us mainly from all across Kumaon region,” says Rajesh. He adds that they believe in providing some out-of-the -box outputs, different from any other printers delivering prints in a conventional way.

The mention of some of the old-time regular customers of Joshi Advertising will surely include some of the local retail stores in Haldwani. “Our customers know us for our efficiency in print production, and our economical rates,” says Rajesh, adding that they are now gearing up to upgrade its setup with the adoption of a digital press in near future. In the respect of digital press, Rajesh mentions that the adoption of the technology is not simply meant to go for short-run production, but also a grand step to enhance innovation in printing production to face the new challenges in the market.

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