Groundbreaking manroland newspaper technologies spreading worldwide


Undoubtedly, manroland’s newspaper printing presses provide the suitable solution for every demand anywhere, resulting constant increase in their installation base across the globe. Their latest installations cover Sweden, France, China and Australia with groundbreaking newspaper printing technologies replacing older manroland or competitor presses.

Braving the elements to print one of the world’s oldest newspapers, manroland is presently installing latest technology with a REGIOMAN press at Pressgrannar AB in Linköping/Sweden: next to other dailies, different freesheets, and tabloid commercial products, the REGIOMAN will soon produce the daily Norrköpings Tidningar. It was founded in 1758 which makes it one of the world’s ten oldest newspapers.

Enjoying the applause while replacing first COLORMAN after 34 years, the part of a technical modernization programme is the GEOMAN sale to Groupe Nice Matin in Nice in the South of France. Three GEOMAN presses are going to replace Nice Matin’s COLORMAN printing system which was installed in 1977 – manroland’s first COLORMAN in the market – and extended during the following ten years. Now, latest GEOMAN technology is taking over, with each of the three presses consisting of three reel splicers, three eight-couple towers, one folder, and PPL (PowerPlateLoading), the highly automated plate changing device.

The company further enlarged their base in China by installing latest UNISET technology at the Xin’an Media Corporation in Hefei, the capital of the Anhui province. The new press started producing at the beginning of the year 2011 and now prints 20 different newspapers, magazines, advertising material and books. It is China’s first 80,000 copies per hour UNISET featuring three reel splicers, three printing towers, one dryer, and two folders, one of them with a 16-page device. Besides, already working with four UNISET presses since 2004, the Sichuan Ribao Newspaper Group in Chengdu (China) ordered two new UNISET printing systems in the middle of 2010 featuring 80,000 copies per hour.

Australia-based Fairfax Media printing plant which has invested in a major upgrade in pagination capacity by expanding the existing manroland UNISET press. Stage one commences with the installation of two new eight-couple towers, two additional reel splicers and a further folder. The completion of stage one will see the plant with six towers and two folders providing the increase in capacity sought, plus a major increase in flexibility for the coldset plant. Stage two will see the introduction of heatset capacity. An additional eight-couple tower with a dedicated reel splicer and a MEGTEC dryer will be installed. This will enable the production of glossy publications or inserts and an ability to mix heatset and coldset production.

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