Müller Martini @ drupa 2024

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Combined with intelligent on-demand production, Müller Martini’s Smart Factory is the answer to sustainability in the printing industry – not only significantly reducing the carbon footprint, but also driving the digital transformation. Müller Martini will be demonstrating the economic and ecological benefits at drupa.

Müller Martini is focusing on three key operational areas where a direct impact can be achieved: business operations at production sites, the use of machines in operations, and the realization of ecologically sustainable business models for our customers. Considering the long service life of Müller Martini’s robust machines, the greatest lever for ecological optimization lies in reducing paper consumption, as this is where a large portion of the CO2 footprint is generated. Müller Martini’s Smart Factory, which can produce individualized print products down to a quantity of 1 without setup times and start-up waste, is keeping with the spirit of sustainability.

The advantages of on-demand production are obvious in this context, especially in conjunction with digital printing systems (web and sheetfed). The print run is precisely matched to demand – only what is sold is printed – everything else is not produced at all.

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