Kanpur’s Shiva Graphics illuminates prints with PixelGlow


Adding all-new visual appeal to simply printed graphics like never before, Kanpur-based Shiva Graphics is exploiting the print embellishment prowess of a newly installed PixelGlow – Digital UV and Foiling System. This new digital UV and Foiling machine is designed and developed in India by Monotech Systems Limited, a leading machine manufacturer and one-stop solution provider for the printing & packaging industry globally and now redefining print embellishment at Shiva Graphics.

Shiva Arora with PixelGlow

Established 15 years ago, Shiva Graphics in Kanpur offers varied print graphics under one roof, serving customers from various parts of the city and its surrounding areas. “Over the years we have provided end-products which our customers are quite satisfied in terms of quality and innovation. Well, when it comes to print ‘innovation’ we have now elevated it to another level as we are equipped with the PixelGlow, which is ideally an amazing spot UV and foiling system we have ever owned,” says Shiva Arora, Proprietor of Shiva Graphics.

The range of end-products which Shiva Graphics currently offers primarily consists of labels, stickers, business cards, photos, product catalogues, fliers, and others. “Over the years, there have been trends of adding unique innovations and enhancements to commercial prints. One of the common demands from our customers is to make their prints different from the ordinary or standout amid crowds, in terms of texture and appearance. In this, we now make it flawlessly for them because PixelGlow is with us,” tells Shiva.

He adds, “The PixelGlow added recently to our machine portfolio meets all the parameters we require for print embellishment. After all, it’s economical and standard and it has advanced features. Nevertheless, PixelGlow has changed the way we beautify any given print. For example, PixelGlow’s special spot UV coating and varnishing effects add a ‘wow’ factor to every single sticker we produce today, further, we can add foiling to make it shine and stand out. Now, we can impress our customers with such next-level print innovation that we got through PixelGlow.”

Shiva Arora with PixelGlow

Manufactured in India by Monotech Systems, PixelGlow is a perfectly designed digital UV and Foiling system for transforming any ordinarily printed graphic into a new innovative look. “After all, the flexibility of this machine is a key advantage for us. It means the machine is compatible with print outputs of all kinds, whether produced on offset press, digital press, or specially laminated graphics,” mentions Shiva.

Monotech Systems’ indigenously engineered PixelGlow is based on the Drop-on-Demand technology, and it can add spot UV coating up to 320 microns, compatibly on material weighing from 170 gsm up to 500 gsm with a maximum thickness of 500 microns. It can take up materials up to B3 size (355×508 mm/14×20 inches) for UV and foiling embellishment and offers a productivity of up to 80 sheets per hour.

Backed by a team of 10 experienced staff, Shiva Graphics is looking ahead to streamline its capacity to produce graphic prints more innovatively and creatively using such a machine as PixelGlow. “PixelGlow is our first machine from Monotech Systems whose product portfolio is quite vast and impressive with very unconditional after-sales support,” says Shiva, conclusively adding that they would like to strengthen the partnership further in future.


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