Prakash Labels choose Edale FL3

(L-R) Rakesh Mahajan, Dinesh Mahajan, Darren Pickford, Amitabh Luthra, Neeraj Mahajan
(L-R) Rakesh Mahajan, Dinesh Mahajan, Darren Pickford, Amitabh Luthra, Neeraj Mahajan

Noida-based Prakash Labels Pvt Ltd, one of the largest manufacturers of self-adhesive labels for product identification, have recently ordered Edale FL3. They are an ISO 9001-2015 certified, privately owned company that was founded in 1993.

They were first introduced to Edale by Edale’s agent Printer Supplies and after visiting for a demonstration were very impressed by the versatility of the FL3. The machine they have opted for is a fully automated, 10 colour FL3-430 wide with a label and film pack. The FL3 also features Edale’s AiiR technology with an Autonomous print register control system which includes automatic register set up and continuous register monitoring in X and Y directions.

The machine also includes Edale’s new “EZ Die” quick change converting system that facilitates a full tool change in less than 60 seconds. The machine is due to be installed later this year.

Darren Pickford, Edale’s Sales & Marketing Director comments, “Edale is very pleased and excited to receive this order from Prakash Labels. We were up against some strong competition and Prakash’s Labels testing procedures were very demanding, so this was a true vindication on the FL3 performance and also the dedication from Edale’s staff in satisfying Prakash during the full and thorough testing. Prakash Labels are seen as industry leaders and with their investment in a new building and infrastructure will give Edale a truly outstanding reference site in North India. Whilst our competitors continue to offer older technology our commitment to only offering latest designs and automation to a fast-growing market has seen the Edale brand recognised as an industry leader and this order only goes to prove this is the right philosophy.”

Prakash Labels will be using the machine for self-adhesive labels with cold foil, unsupported films and also some board materials for pharmaceutical industries.

Dinesh Mahajan of Prakash Labels, comments, “After visiting the Edale factory, we were extremely impressed by the machine capabilities and the fact we could run various substrates with ease. The Edale team were very professional and worked hard to suit all our requirements. “

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