Lifelines to drupa!


Behind the good number of visitors from India, the role of twin entities – India’s leading tour operators organizing travel friendly group visits and local most efficient train service like U-78 in Düsseldorf – can not be underestimated. What a common visitor expects is the convenience to reach the fair ground from the city of any country wherever he or she resides. And both these means perfectly provide that all. Notably from India, one of the leading travel group service providers Orbitz took 50 percent more visitors to drupa 2012 than the previous show. Interestingly this number includes many belonging to manufacturers and dealers community, who also prefer to enjoy the convenience offered by these operators apart from close networking. As per R Swarnalekha, regional manager (Chennai) of Orbitz, “With their several tour leaders we took visitors through 8 to 17 flights with phased out tour plans. The feedback of the returnees was positive as majority of corporates doing the tour with Orbitz were generally satisfied with the outcome of the drupa visit too.

The second most preferred mode for reaching fairground was obviously trains and number U-78 was generally everybody’s choice. With two to three minutes frequency, U-78 also offered group of visitors to take them to happening places like Altstadt. ‘U-78 Zindabad’ remained the most conveyed phrase all over the 14 days fair!

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