BST Sayona is now ‘BST eltromat India Pvt Ltd ’


BST Sayona Automation Pvt Ltd has rechristened itself to ‘BST eltromat India Pvt Ltd’ This move is in line with the global merger to align ourselves with all the other BST Eltromat subsidiaries. Besides, the tremendous brand equity of Eltromat stands for ‘first-class technology, innovative & well proven’.

BST eltromat India is armed with new prices and strategies to re-launch arguably the world’s most advanced register control “regi_star 20” with much needed gusto and aggression. This would be deplayed at the upcoming ‘PlastIndia’ scheduled from February 5 – 10, 2015 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Other display profile would include iPQ Check Print Inspection; PowerScope 4000 & SuperHandy Scan 4000 web video; ProControl density & thickness measurement; Width Measurement; Brakes, Load Cells, Chucks Web Tension Control; Wintriss Surface Inspection;: CLS Pro Web Guiding systems.

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