Scodix enables Minnesota’s Kenning Outsource Group to “transcend the senses”


Since 1997, Kenning Outsource Group has delivered premium finishing services to a demanding customer base, and has become internationally recognised for outstanding trade-finishing and print craftsmanship. Their dedication to the highest quality starts with their vision of excellence, achieved through an investment in extraordinary technology. In other words, superior services start with superior tools, and their “latest and greatest” investment is a Scodix Digital Enhancement Press. As corporate president Darren Kenning describes it, “Scodix turns flat printed sheets into memorable marketing that you can see and feel.”

Darren said the Scodix products will allow his firm to offer the best enhancement options on the market, increasing options and profits for its mainstream printers and print broker clients. The company’s target market ranges from ad agencies to the industries smallest and largest printers: it includes such print industry giants as Quad Graphics, RR Donnelley, Nahan, and Merrill Corporation.

Sharing a unique Scodix project, Darren described a wine box his company coated for a Minneapolis printer. “We applied heavy coverage over the entire wine box, running 2-up on 20 x 29-in sheet. The final product looked amazing, very high-end, which was what the customer was aiming for. It’s sure to create a tactile sensation making it a memorable piece for the customer,” he said. Another Scodix project comprised numerous business cards that displayed delicate detail and design. Using Scodix on a business card tends to leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives one.

Darren said Scodix has allowed Kenning Outsource Group to leap beyond its competition. Even better, he said, it allows our clients to leap beyond their competition. “It’s a big deal for designers,” he said. “It’s a way to enhance print in a way that hasn’t been available before, it’s a new ‘tool’ in their toolbox. The Scodix process becomes an imaging dream come true – you immediately see and feel the difference, it’s stunning.”

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