Komori’s Open New Pages at IGAS 2015


Open New Pages, Komori’s main, expresses Komori’s commitment to expand new printing potential with their customers as they evolved into a Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP). Connecting all printing processes by linking offset and digital as well as hardware and software – and, even more importantly, connecting customers to Komori – will create richer print communications.

At the IGAS 2015 Komori booth, Komori offered a range of solutions for customers to open new pages, such as moving to high added value printing for new growth or switching to digital printing and aiming to become a print media enterprise.

They showcased the new Impremia IS29, a 29’’ Sheetfed Inkjet Digital Printing System offering quality, reliability and stability, with a maximum sheet size of 585 x 750 mm. With adaptability to a wide range of stock and sheet thicknesses that allows the use of ordinary printing paper, the Impremia IS29 features instant UV curing, double-sided one-pass printing, and the ability to immediately start postpress processes, making it capable of short turnarounds with short runs of many different printed products. With stable high print quality approaching offset, thanks to outstanding tone reproduction and register accuracy, this press is ideal not only for commercial printing but also printing on special substrates.

Another new offering was K-Station 4 Printing Task Control Software, an integrated press management system. The tablet-ready K-Station 4 manages scheduling for all presses, both digital and offset, including machines manufactured by other makers. A link between K-Station and the MIS enables the exchange of order and production data. Planning and scheduling are performed on the K-Station server, and scheduling information is sent to KHS-AI v. 5 or to the K-Station client on the press. Real-time information recorded on the press side is sent to the K-Station server and can be checked on the management menus. Ink preset and operating record information is automatically collected for KHS-AI v.5-equipped presses.

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