Enfocus Appstore takes off


The newly operational Enfocus Appstore is a co-creation platform where users and developers of Enfocus Switch can share their knowledge and work.

New apps are being added to the store daily and Switch users from around the world are downloading them to solve business problems. Less than one month after the release of Enfocus Appstore, the first apps have already been sold.

The Switch Community comprises of Switch specialists – including users, integrators and channel partners – from around the globe. At the Enfocus Appstore, users can access applications that were developed by this vital community. Users can view information for each available app, including details about the app, compatibility and version information, the name of the creator, screenshots and a link to the support offered by the creator. If a user is interested in an app, he or she can download it and try it for free for a month. If he or she likes the application, it can be purchased on a subscription basis.

Bjorn Willems, director of product management at Enfocus says, “Users of Enfocus Switch now have a valuable resource where they can exchange ideas and technology to improve their businesses – and they have themselves to thank for it. We always knew this was a powerful, connected group of users and the pace of activity at the Enfocus Appstore clearly demonstrates that point. By drupa, the Enfocus Appstore will host close to 50 apps, each providing a solution to a specific business challenge. All of us at Enfocus are excited to be at drupa and to show the industry what can be created by the power of community.”

Enfocus Appstore can be accessed directly from within Switch or by visiting: appstore.enfocus.com

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