New Goss towers for Swedish publisher


-to ensure more colour and greater flexibility

Gotlands Förenade Tidningstryckerier located in Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland has ordered three single-width Community four-high towers from Goss International. The investment involves an overall upgrade to provide quality and operational improvements, including remote control capabilities.

Part of the Pressgrannar Group of newspaper printers, which in turn belongs to Nya Tidens Media (NTM), Gotlands currently operates a Community press comprising four four-high towers and four mono units with 560mm cut-off. The existing 2×1 press was originally installed in the early 1980s. Extensions added ten years ago provide capacity to print a total of 64 tabloid pages, with 32 in full colour. The addition of the three new towers will enable the press line to produce a further 24 full-colour pages to meet demand from advertisers. Gotlands has also specified automatic register and cut-off controls as well as additional automated features to ensure the ability to match the highest coldset quality of all the Group titles.

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