Tetra Top with separable top enables separate recycling


Tetra Pak has recently launched Tetra Top with separable top, an innovation that enables consumers to detach the plastic top from the carton sleeve, allowing them to be recycled separately. “The innovation of Tetra Top Separable Top is a response to consumers’ increasing demand for better solutions to facilitate recycling, especially where waste management infrastructure calls for it,” says Charles Brand, vice president marketing and product management at Tetra Pak.

Consumers can easily separate the plastic top from the sleeve with a simple thumb press, thanks to the pre-cut perforation on the outer layer of the cardboard. This is achieved without affecting the functionality of the Tetra Top package.

Tetra Top is a package that combines the convenience of a bottle with the contemporary look and feel of a carton package. It is suitable for chilled products and ambient still drinks – at home and on-the-go. The option of Separable Top is made available for customers at no additional cost. Companies like Arla Foods in Denmark and Sweden have already introduced Tetra Top with Separable Top into their product range.

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