Navigating the digital landscape in publishing


The Printing Technologists Forum conducted a seminar on ‘Navigating the Digital Landscape in Publishing’ on April 26 at Anna University, which was well attended.

With the developments taking fast in the area of digital publishing, the Forum also conducted a seminar on ‘Tool Developments in The Field of Publishing.’ Leading experts from the related fields gave beneficial presentations. The chief guest Mariam Ram, founder and MD, TNQ Books and Journals, gave an overview on the developments in the last 25 years in publishing.

N Balasubramanian, head, New Media gave in detail the uses of mobiles, internet and tablets for news distribution. Different kinds of Cloud Computing, their usages and also how they can be used for printing was dealt-with by HR Mohan, associate vice president, systems, The Hindu. While, trends and forecasts were described in detail by N Ravindran, GM, Express Group.

Adobe gave an interesting presentation on technologies with self operative system with audio explanation of technologies in consecutive order, a novel experience. Empower the workforce was forcefully shown with case studies by none other than GD Sharma, HR specialist. The true strength of an organization is the individuals, were effectively stressed by Viswanathan, vice president, Infosys. The key changes and challenges faced by the individuals was the topic of discussion by Sanjay Roy, GM, Everon Education Ltd. Finally, an apt roundup was about monetization through mobile and tablet.

–D Ramalingam

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