Follow lean.. grow fat


Pradeep Chellakani, vice president, Take Solutions, gave a presentation on the use of LEAN technique mentioning ‘Follow LEAN…Grow Fat” to the members of The Printing Technologists Forum recently. He touched on all aspects of LEAN philosophy. He quoted the originator of this system, Taichi Ohno, “…. the word ‘Work’ refers to the production of perfect goods only. If a machine is not producing perfect goods, it is not ‘working’.” As a case study, the speaker referred to Toyota Production System.

“Principles developed for LEAN are: Specify Value, Right First Time, Reduction of Waste, Process Standardisation, QC inspection of finished goods, Make Value Flow Without Interruption, Flow Balance, Strive for Perfection,” he told. He stressed on ‘Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought’. He combined the use of LEAN principles in everyday life and in a printing press, which evoked active interaction of the audience.

–D Ramalingam

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