The Times of India goes for Q.I. Press Controls’ mRC-3D


India’s largest media conglomerate The Times of India has opted for Q.I. Press Controls’ press automation solution. The Times Group is the largest publishing company in India and South-Asia. With a turnover exceeding a billion dollars, the group has the support of over 25,000 advertisers, 11,000 employees and an audience spanning across all continents.

With its flagship Bennet, Coleman and Co Ltd (BCCL) and its subsidiaries, The Times of India is present in every existing media platform – newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio, internet, music, movies and more. It’s the largest publishing company with regard to newspaper circulation in India: 13 newspapers, 18 magazines, 11 publishing centres and 26 printing centres.

This new investment is for their manroland GEOMAN double width newspaper press at its Ghaziabad location– 6 tower and 1 folder (twin). The order consists of 12 motorised mRC-3D cameras for register control and 12 motorised mRC-3D cameras for cut-off control. Additionally each folder will be equipped with waste gate control. With these features The Times of India will ensure the continuation of monitoring and tracking for good and consistent print quality delivered to their end user.

As The Times of India is known in India for its good print quality, the order for the supply of Q.I. Press Controls’ basic module of IQM (Intelligent Quality Management) system and the waste gate control option is logical. The supplies ensure a top position in quality printing in the Indian market. The print quality is excellent and consistent so it matches the ambitions of The Times Group.

Vijay Pandya, managing director of Q.I. Press Controls India states, “This is a very important order for us to state that we deliver proven and reliable solutions. It also proves the effects of our continuous efforts to provide high standard services offered by a highly skilled technical team that speaks the language of the customer.” Q.I. Press Controls develops and delivers innovative, high quality optical measure and control systems. They are globally active in the newspaper and magazine printing industry.

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