UFlex Chemicals deploy zero liquid discharge technology at its Noida facility


Driven by the aim to attain water sustainability and reduce its consumption and pollution, the Chemicals production unit of UFlex situated in Noida is now a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility. ZLD is a strategic waste water management system that ensures that there is no discharge of industrial waste water into the environment, which is why UFlex has proactively adopted this technology to significantly reduce their freshwater consumption by recognizing the importance of wastewater purification and recycling. The Chemicals plant that has adopted ZLD technology has started saving close to 20 kilolitres of water/ day.

The zero liquid discharge Chemical plant uses a 100% supply of effluent treated water of Sewage treatment plant (STP) as well as Effluent treatment plant (ETP). It is subsequently treated through the combination of technologies like Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR), Reverse osmosis (RO), and Agitated Thin Film Dryer (AFTD).

The permeate good quality water which is the final product derived is thus re-used in boiler feed, cooling tower makeup water, and fume hoods; without being discharged into the municipal sewer thereby putting the discarded water back to use. The rejected water is converted in to solid waste residue via evaporation process which is in turn discarded as hazardous waste (as per the regulatory norms).

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