Pramod Engineering: committed to facelift binding process


New Delhi-based Pramod Engineering (PEW) has endeavoured to ease and speed up the process of binding magazines, newspapers, printed products, text-books and note books. Printers are able to meet a deadline with high speed binding solutions. Machines from PEW have been installed with most major presses all over the country. Since these binding machines are not configured or attuned to a specific printed product, they offer flexible integration and product handling capability. Their all machines are now PLC controlled.

A sister concern of Delhi Press Magazines group and founded by its managing director Naresh Nath, PEW is now spearheaded by Divesh Nath and Rohit Nath. Delhi Press produces 2.3 million magazine copies a month and its in-house production gives great strength to Pramod Engineering into researching the binding machines.

The six products that PEW manufactures are: Flowline, Side Gathering, 3-Knife Trimmer, Web Stacker, Double Head Saddle Stitcher, and Paper Drilling.  Flowline is a 8000 cph production line for six-head saddle stitching with in line auto form feeder, reject copy ejector and three-knife trimmer. Copies of up to 500 mm spine length, center stitched can be produced. Twelve auto-feeders for printed forms can be used at one time. Copies are made untouched right from the feeding of forms to three-knife trimming, making the Flowline best for magazines, note books and text books.

Side Gathering operates at 5000 copies per hour and collates book blocks with an online two head stitcher. The machine can be extended for up to 24 stations. The book blocks can then be transferred to perfect binder or thread sewing. Newly introduced 3-Knife Trimmer is a heavy 5.5 ton machine that has 25 cycle per minute operation and can accommodate pile height of

80 mm per cut. Suitable for collecting printed forms of running webs, Web Stacker decompresses air making the forms fit for stacking and automated binding. Double Head Saddle Stitcher is a two-head, 4000 cph center stitcher. Suitable for high production manual feeding jobs, it is a good replacement for local hand held stitcher for its speed, accuracy and neatness of the stitch. Whereas Paper Drilling drills up to four holes at high speed and variable size up from 4 mm in a ream of paper.

During the year 2010, the company supplied around 28 large binding machines installations in India, Nepal, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Most of the orders are now repeated with existing customers. The company now has an impressive installation base of 130+ machines worldwide.

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