Pravesha installs Autoprint Checkmate 50


Autoprint Checkmate caters to growing needs of Pravesha Industries, speeds up deliveries and avoids human limitations to check minute print/finishing quality deviations. Pravesha Industries Pvt Ltd (PIPL) has successfully installed Autoprint Checkmate 50 print inspection machine at their Hyderabad plant. The company is a one-stop-shop for all printing and packaging solutions for pharmaceutical industry. Under the leadership of B Sivaprasad Reddy, chairman and co-founder of PIPL, the company has been established with stringent Quality Management Systems (QMS) and very importantly obtained DMF for supplying to regulatory markets. Most of the produced cartons, labels, inserts, outserts, HDPE bottles, closures etc are exported to advanced countries directly or indirectly.

“We installed Autoprint Checkmate to cater to growing needs, speed up deliveries and to avoid human limitations to check minute print/finishing quality deviations. The equipment is working very well. It is running offline, but it has doubled our production of inspected products and boosted our confidence of supplying defect free products. Importantly this machine is used for 100% inspection of cartons for all the parameters; text, colour, background, colour registration, die cut registration, Braille. It has thus helped us a lot in terms of production, delivery schedules and QMS for defect free output,” tells Reddy.

“Even the service and after-sales service is highly appreciated. Autoprint has good training methodology, they regularly update softwares and retrain for the same periodically,” he added.

Installation base…

“As we have systematic approach to production and maintenance, we always procure our machinery with utmost care by studying all the technicalities, thus use them to their fullest of capacity. Since we have very good QMS we have well established workflow to handle all the processes from enquiries to after sale service,” tells Reddy.

Talking about their installation base, Reddy shares that they are shortly setting up “workflow with high end packaging s/w applications and CtP” from world renowned supplier. “Our label section is well equipped with Gallus ECS 340mm wide, 10 colour flexo press; HP Indigo WS4500 Digital offset 7 colour press; two 330mm wide 6 colour Intermittent LP Label presses and DGCON 350mm wide 2 colour flexo press. While, our carton section is equipped with Heidelberg CD102+L- 7 Colour UV Combi press; Heidelberg SM 74+L- 6 Colour press; Heidelberg SM 74+L- 5 Colour press; Heidelberg SM 102cm 2 Colour perfector press; two Sakurai 102cm 2 Colour perfector press and two Miller 32” 2 Colour perfector press. While our foil printing section is equipped with HAPA Digital aluminium pharma foil printing press and WF 500mm wide 3 colour Rotogravure pharma foil printing press,” he added.

“Our Post press section for labels has two Intergraphic (Prius) 100% Label Inspection systems; five Slitter re-winders with code inspection and VDP; and Flatbed HFS, Flatbed DC with sheeting (offline with 2nd pass registration). While, our carton section now has Autoprint –Checkmate 50 100% carton inspection system, with state-of-the-art currency grade software & cameras; MK 102cm auto die cutters; two BOBST 102cm auto die cutters; five Manual platen punching machines; Carton sample maker (Plotter) for board & blanket cutting; High speed BOBST –EXPERT FOLD folder-gluer; High speed BOBST – Ambition folder-gluer; and High speed Memory folder-gluer. Besides, our Insert/Outsert section has 10 lines of Vijuk, Herzog-Heymann (H&H) Germany & Pratham special pharma folding machines of various configurations to produce inserts & outserts. The Foil, Digital, Album, etc section has many specialised finishing equipments for Foil printing, Digital printing, Labels, Leaflets, Etc. These include wide web/narrow web “Sheeter”, wire-o binding, hard case making, index cutting, album making, rigid cover making machines, etc.

On manpower…

“By our experience, we know moulding fresh talent according to our high quality needs is easier than bringing in people with bad pre-notion and at the same time we select base staff with care so that they can train freshers. With this approach we are very successful. We have various departments and working 24/6 format,” he adds.

Client base

“Our focus is on supplies to regulatory market customers. We produce high quality pharma packaging materials for both primary & secondary packaging: foils, cartons, labels, inserts/outserts, HDPE Drums, HDPE Bottles (containers), Closures, etc. We have now expanded into food & FMCG packaging products as well. Our clients are Aurobindo Pharma, Dr Reddy’s, Mylan, Hetero Drugs, GSK, Pfizer, ITC, Gland Pharma, Glenmark, Ravifoods(Dukes), Himalaya, Bakers Condiments, Bluemoon, etc,” tells Reddy.

On financial strengths…

Pravesha Industries has a track record of 20 years of credibility, profitability and growth. The company is rated BBB+ by India Rating (Fitch) indicating “Good Credit Quality.” The company has reported positive cash from operations consistently over the years.

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