New merchandise tipper from Muller Martini


-enabling quick repositioning

Merchandise samples affixed to magazines and brochures are among the most eye-catching advertising messages, and are a significant element in the finishing of print products. In order to place cosmetics, shampoos, DVDs, booklets, cards and direct mail products precisely, saddle stitching lines require reliable merchandise tippers. These need not only to achieve the same high performance of the saddle stitchers, but also be quickly ready for use in order to keep the downtime during changeovers to a minimum. The new merchandise tipper from Muller Martini for all saddle stitchers from the Primera series satisfies these both requirements.

Being equipped with rolls, it can be repositioned within a line or between different Primera saddle stitchers by one person within an extremely short time. Synchronization with the gathering chain takes place automatically according to the ‘plug and play’ principle following docking to the saddle stitcher. Setup is restricted to a small number of format-specific settings. That means the merchandise tipper is ready to use within a very short time. It can be used at tiltable feeders (without the need to remove them) and empty bins, and on both single and double gathering chains. Cards can be affixed with glue with pinpoint accuracy or fixed electrostatically using the new merchandise tipper.

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