Fujifilm enables mobile online proofing


-Offering XMF Remote iPad app

Fujifilm announced an iPad app for its online proofing software, XMF Remote. Making its UK debut at recently concluded Publishing Expo in London, a prototype app was demonstrated at the show. The XMF Remote app will allow printers’ clients to view, annotate, and approve jobs on their iPads. By simply logging in to the printer’s XMF system, customers can have instant secure access to all of their print work currently in production, from wherever they may be.

As per John Davies, workflow solutions manager, FUJIFILM Europe, ”Fujifilm is proud to have been the first to introduce the Adobe PDF Print Engine to the graphic arts market, as well as the first to support 3D proofing as part of a print production workflow. Now, Fujifilm is the first to demonstrate to its customers how the use of an iPad app can change the way printers work with their clients.

“Print buyers are, in the main, creative people, and it’s creatives who have been early adopters of iPad technology, using it as a professional business tool. If we want enhance the experience of these creatives who are responsible for commissioning and approving print work, we have to provide them with tools that they want to work with – one of the major reasons why we are developing this new app.”

The development of the app means that print buyers will have the choice to interact with a printer who has XMF Remote either via the existing Java app, which runs on any Mac or PC web browser, or via a mobile device such as the iPad.

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