Innovations showcase @ PrintPack India 2022


After two years of the pandemic, the only way forward is to invest with a mid to long-term outlook or vision. The Indian growth story remains buoyant, and packaging is overgrowing. It’s the time to invest in better technology, which will offer the ‘differentiating factor’ and increase operational efficiency with better tooling, better workflow management, and reduced wastage. Printpack India 2022 will offer interesting and innovative solutions at the show.


The 15th PrintPack India, the 5-days event is set to held at India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida, India from May 26-30, 2022. The event will showcase products like in-press, post-press, finishing, converting, digital & signage and packaging machines, packaging materials, printing & publishing, paper and paper products, logistics & transportation industries and allied products.

The show will be organised by Indian Printing Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA).

Here’s a peek into the display profile at the show:

Automatic die-cutting machine from Print Generic Systems

Print Generic Systems was founded in the year 2009 by a team of renowned service engineers in the printing industry. “We are into trading of imported post press equipment’s to cater the various needs of our customers. They are UV systems, dry lamination machines, folder gluer machines, die cutting machines, window patching machines and various other paper converting machines,” says C. Giritharan of Print Generic Systems.

“We have installed around 150+ post press equipment’s across India, UAE, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. We have a team of 25+ service engineers along with marketing professionals to cater the sales and service support requirements of the customers. At PAMEX, we will display our 30inch Automatic Die Cutting Machine HT 760,” he adds.

Arrow Digital to launch ArrowJet Aqua 330r Lite printer for food labels & flexible packaging

Ahmedabad-based Arrow Digital is launching ArrowJet Aqua 330r Lite for the first time in India. It’s a single-pass economical aqueous high, speed, high-resolution digital printer. It’s water-based pigment inks are groundbreaking against toners and dye-based inks, as they are low migration and are essential for food labels and flexible packaging. It is compatible with a wide range of options for print media being developed with Arrow’s deep roots in coating and laminating for decades. “We are excited about this launch and this will surely bring a revolution in label & packaging industry with its unique options,” says Prakash Chopra, Sr. VP Sales, Arrow Digital Private Limited. He adds that ArrowJet Aqua 330r Lite is designed for various applications, such as labels, shelf tags, tickets, duplex cartons, flexible packaging, and much more.

Arrow Digital will also showcase EFI Pro 16h UV LED Hybrid printer for printing roll stock or rigid materials at high speeds at its 40 sq m Stall at the expo. It uses hi-resolution print technology and color management with CMYK and White’s broadest color gamut. This printer is the best-in-class worldwide for printing graphic displays to customized printing boxes.

“Although the Indian market is price sensitive, we have also realised the importance of automation in adopting greener and more sustainable products and technologies. Digital printing and finishing continue to be rapidly adopted, and people are getting educated to go with sustainable products even if it is a bit more expensive. Just in time, the customized production is the mainstream now. We see a brighter post-Covid future with different and better opportunities,” adds Chopra.

He continues, “Pandemic has affected everyone in its own way. Digital is the new normal! Post pandemic,manufacturers are embracing the digital transformation to redefine how they improve their operational efficiency and profitability.”

BOBST India to launch ACCUCHECK 2

ACCUCHECK 2, launched in 2021, would be the major attraction at the show at Bobst’s stand. It’s the second-gen inline inspection system that will significantly benefit converters by offering zero fault packaging, minimal wastage, reduced labor cost (manual sorting), reduced WIP, and help in faster turnaround of their supplies. It also inspects all the quality parameters required to be reviewed, sorted, and ejected, like color variation, printing defects, hot foil stamping, metalized cartons, missing text, etc. At PrintPack India, BOBST India Pvt. Ltd. has taken up a stand of 300 sq.m.

“Our 3rd gen NOVACUT 106, launched in 2020, will also be on display on the die cutter front. NOVACUT is considered a benchmark in productivity and reliability and further combined with its shortest changeover time, registered accuracy, and connect-ready. It is best in class in its category for die-cutting in the Indian market. The folder gluer front would be our top-of-the-range folder gluer EXPERTFOLD, which is the most versatile and future-ready machine in terms of capabilities. It will be equipped with the recently launched 2nd gen ACCUCHECK inline inspection system. Both the machines will be running with jobs during the exhibition,” says Venugopal Menon, Zone Business Director, BOBST India Pvt. Ltd.

Venugopal Menon also adds, “Due to lockdowns and the COVID situation around the globe, e-commerce was at an all-time high. Packaging was on a high growth trajectory since consumption and demand had increased substantially worldwide. This growth pattern also drove the packaging business across various segments, especially in the corrugated sector.”

He further adds, “We see the growth and demand resuming gradually since the economy is on a recovery stage and feel that the market and consumption will soon return to pre-pandemic levels. Thus, it would be a great time in the coming period for both packaging converters and the machinery suppliers. However, the main challenge is the current global supply chain issues and logistic costs combined with high raw material price increases that have taken place over the past year. We plan to ride this wave and evolve with the dynamic packaging industry by providing the best possible solutions for our customers.”

“With the high raw material prices and other increasing input costs, customers today prefer to go with the best technology, which will help them counter the issues mentioned above and offer benefits like reducing their variable cost, reducing wastage, and ensuring zero fault packaging. Customers are looking to focus more on their area of expertise and niche segments which can offer more value to all their stakeholders. Profitability and managing the cash flow will be critical given the above benefits. Level up in terms of technology will help reduce variable costs,” he adds.

“We also see many commercial and book printers opting for the three-leg strategy and looking to diversify into packaging, a more consistent and growing business in the mid to long term segment,” says Menon. “Another trend is growth in the Foil stamping business due to sustainability reasons to reduce the metalized board printing. Sustainability is booming, and paper board is returning to business to replace plastics for various companies like QSR restaurants.”

“After two years of the pandemic, the only way forward is to invest with a mid to long-term outlook or vision. Thinking short-term is not the way forward. The Indian growth story remains buoyant, and packaging is overgrowing. Thus we feel customers should opt for better technology, which will offer the ‘differentiating factor’ and increase operational efficiency with better tooling, better workflow management, and reduced wastage. Choosing the right fit for one’s production process will be critical since productivity, efficiency, and lean manufacturing process will reduce the cost of production and make the process more cost-efficient,” advises Menon.

Manroland Goss Web Systems to focus on new equipment

At PrintPack India, Manroland Goss Web Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. will focus on new equipment in the packagingand consumables market at their 49 sqm stand H24B in Hall 9D.

“The pandemic had a significant impact on new orders. It led to a slowdown in business resulting in fewer orders. It also affected the supply chain, which impacted the lead times. We were upbeat at the beginning of the year and have bagged some orders worldwide. However, the recent war in Europe is detrimental to our business,” says Rekha Sharma, Marketing Manager, Manroland Goss Web Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. She further adds, “Our advice is to look forward and plan for the next five years rather than look back at two years of the pandemic.”

Mehta Cad Cam Systems to launch a Flatbed Cutting Plotter &a Laser Sticker Cutting Machine

Shailesh Mehta

Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd. is introducing their indigenously manufactured UV flatbed printers in big and small sizes, knife cutter/flatbed cutting plotter at their 102 sqm stand J-38B in halls 14 and 15. Flatbed cutting plotters have wide applications in the print and packaging industry like corrugated box making (cutting and creasing), cutting after printing through a camera system on various materials like foam board, sun board, etc. “This is a very cost-effective solution against the costly machines available for the same application in the market,” says Shailesh Mehta, Founder Director, Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt. Ltd. sees the pandemic as a blessing in disguise. The company has concentrated on creating new types of digital printers, such as solvent printers and UV printers, and the expansion of their other product lines, such as laser machines and CNC machines. Mehta adds, “We have developed several new product lines and strengthened and increased our existing production capacity, and we realize that all of this work is providing our company with a competitive advantage.”

“We want to convey to the print and packaging industries that this is an exciting time for India and that all businesses in India will expand in various ways. Whoever invests in equipment and has marketing ability and experience, will surely be successful,” concludes Mehta.

MRL Printing Rolls to display all types of Rollers

MRL Printing Rolls Pvt. Ltd. will display all types of Rollers, including Rubber Coated, PU coated, HC coated, Anilox Roll, Embossing, and Engraving Rolls at their 36 sqm stall.

The company is considering expansion plans this FY 22-23 and they have started a new unit – Hyderabad Industrial Rolls Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad – and are also installing more machines at their Modinagar plant.
“Pandemic impacted our business for about six months after lockdown, but once industries got running, they required the service of rollers and spares, which got us back in total production,” says Vaibhav Agarwal, Director, MRL Printing Rolls Pvt. Ltd. He further adds that he would suggest diversifying the machines and products with investment in printing and packaging in order to beat the competition.

Pidilite Industries Ltd. to display new products

Pidilite Industries Ltd. are leaders and pioneers in water-based and hotmelt adhesives used for various converting and packaging applications. They make a range of products based on multiple technologies like Acrylic, VAE, PVAC, PO, APAO, PUR, etc., which are supplied across various applications for monocartons, print lamination, bags and sacks, end of line packaging, bookbinding, and many more.

At PrintPack India, the company will display the newly launched products for paper bags, paper straws, and paper honeycomb at their 63 sq m stand in Hall D.

“Barring a few months, which impacted all, our operations and sales were pretty smooth during Covid. Manufacturing of products at all our plants took place with the highest level of care as per guidelines issued by the local and central authorities. Product availability and sales support were done without any challenge as our sales team is spread across geographies and supported by a great group of channel partners. This was when sustainability developments took shape, for which we at Pidilite Industries Ltd endorsed this initiative in a big way by developing adhesives required for making sustainable packaging products,” says Sanjiv Kalra, Business Manager, Pidilite Industries Ltd.

On asking about the kind of investment/up-gradation advice to give to an Indian printer looking to invest after two years of the pandemic, Kalra said, “Various sustainable applications like paper bags, paper straws, paper cups, and paper honeycomb are the future growth engines for packaging converters. Anything innovative that will replace plastic will grow and is the critical application where investments should be made.”

Sahil Graphics to launch fully automatic paper bag making machine
Sahil Graphics is launching eco-friendly paper bag making machines and flexo printing machines. They’re taking a total of 210sqm. area at the expo. “Pandemic has affected all the industries, but my advice is to stick to the existing business but plan and diversify according to the future,” says Shafiq Ahmed, Proprietor, Sahil Graphics. He adds, “We strive to be the leaders in the paper bag machines industry globally, and this is our leap toward a sustainable future.”

Sheth Printograph to launch Automatic Thermal Lamination 

Sonal Sheth

Sheth Printograph Pvt. Ltd. is launching Automatic Thermal Lamination with servo-controlled overlaps and Electromagnetic Heating for faster and more effective heating with Auto sheeting. The company will also display SPM Reel to Reel Lamination machine with a guide, auto pneumatic brakes, web splicer, double unwind rewind systems, and an Electromagnetic Heating station.

While, the company’s Digital Section will focus on Double Side Thermal Lamination in B2 (20” x 30”) size for large format digital printers and 13” x 19” for regular digital printers. The packaging and commercial section will showcase Automatic Wet Lamination machines, Automatic Thermal Lamination, and Double Heating Thermal for high end printed jobs. “We’re taking a large display of complete product range in 187 sq mtr of space divided in Digital, Commercial and Packaging segment,” says Sonal Sheth, Director, Sheth Printograph Pvt. Ltd.

He adds, “The pandemic came along with many negative impacts, be it workforce, safety, business curtailment, an unprecedented surge in raw material cost and further non-availability. The commercial printing segment took a bad hit and is still trying to recover. But automation is the keyword, and proper investment in automated high-end machines is the keyword for exponential growth. Any printing and packaging company must make a completely informed and well-researched decision for investment in any high-end equipment, especially looking into long term growth plans. it is essential to synergize the capabilities of all the equipment on the floor for free and fast movement of jobs.”

Sigmarq Technologies to display CRUSADER and a new BOOKMARK machine

At the show, Sigmarq Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will display an existing product CRUSADER and a new BOOKMARK machine exclusively for book printing.”As the printing industry is still struggling to bounce back and make it worse, paper prices have escalated more than two folds. However, some industry experts like CRISIL have anticipated a 20% rise in the revenues of print media which encourages us,” says Rajesh Ghorpade, Managing Director, Sigmarq Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

He further adds, “Pandemic has severely impacted the print and publishing industry, and we are no exception. It was a trying time for our business. However, we shifted to a new extensive manufacturing facility in this pandemic situation and improved our internal systems. We also explored various options and did value engineering of our existing product lines to cope with new challenges that we could foresee due to the increased cost of manufacturing. It will positively impact ensuring effective utilization of existing setups for our customers/clients.”

Vig Graphics to present Flute Laminator Machine

Vig Graphics Pvt. Ltd. will launch their indigenously manufactures 3ply/5ply Flute Laminator Machine. “Our skills lie in having the expertise to provide you with complete automation solutions for your existing plant and machinery and enhance your experience by offering customized solutions to achieve your goals,” says Vikram Sarin, Director, Vig Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

He adds, “Pandemic gave us time to study and research the product we contemplated manufacturing in India and we’re now ready to hit the market and showcase our products in full swing.”

Vijaya Grafiks to launch tray forming / burger box machine

Prashanth Kumar

Vijaya Grafiks Inc. is launching a tray forming / burger box machine for manufacturing food packaging trays. The company is also showing the advanced technology of High-speed Carton Folder Gluer and Window Patching With Liner Carton Attachment.

“We worked throughout the year as a manufacturer of finishing machines for carton printing units, which was essential for pharma packaging. Some publishers converted their setup to packaging, adding folders gluer to their existing publishing unit,” says Prashanth Kumar, Director, Vijaya Grafiks Inc.

He adds, “Every print packaging machinery manufacturer in India comes with innovative advanced technology with competitive pricing machines. I am sure Indian printers can rely on them and promote Indian manufacturers.”

Zhongke India to launch ZK-6421 rigid box-making machine

Rohit Rajpal

At PrintPack India, Zhongke India is launching ZK-6421 as their latest innovation in the Rigid box machine. This fully automatic model packs in new generation intelligence with entirely digitized controls and 40 servo motors for high speed. With the fastest makeready, it offers features like “Box on Demand,” making manufacturing a customized box super quick.

“With a live demo & technical team for interaction, visitors can seek the best solution for their packaging needs at the Zhongke India booth,” says Rohit Rajpal, CEO of Zhongke India.

“Our in-house technical team & application specialists were able to resolve customers’ issues online, negating the breakdown time. This has enhanced our team’s reliability & strengthened our customers’ confidence in us,” he adds.”The packaging industry is in upscale mode. With increasing installations in Pan India, we are adding regional offices to attend to customers even faster. With the base in Delhi-NCR, we opened an office in Vadodara in 2021.” Soon Zhongke India offices will be in operation in Mumbai & Bangalore also.

Upon asking about the kind of investment/up-gradation advice to give to an Indian printer looking to invest after two years of the pandemic, Rajpal says, “Automation is the key to success, especially when the market is getting demanding in terms of turnaround time and quality with high volumes.”

Falcon to launch dry vacuum pumps

Amarpreet Singh

Falcon Vacuum Pumps & Systems is a leading manufacturer, retailer and exporter of a commendable range of vacuum pumps and other products. “We use the finest components, materials and modern machines to manufacture our range of vacuum pumps in compliance with the industry’s norms and guidelines. It ensures us proficient performance, service life, capacity and strength of our pumps,” says Amarpreet Singh, Director, Falcon Vacuum Pumps & Systems. The overall machine portfolio comprises a line of highly-demanded machines like side channel blowers and dry vacuum pumps, all priced reasonably.

At PrintPack India, Flacon is launching new dry vacuum pumps for different presses and machines at its stall (80sq m). “We offer these dry vacuum pumps in varied specifications for clients in India and abroad. Our pumps are broadly used in different industries, such as printing, packaging, food processing and others,” mentions Amarpreet, adding that they are also introducing a new range of vacuum pumps this financial year. Falcon’s dry vacuum pumps are manufactured in its state-of-the-art facility in Mujessar, Faridabad.

After all, Falcon keeps upgrading its facility to maintain the quality and competency in production. “We have recently upgraded our facility with a brand new BMC machine, which is our sixth installation and all the machines are fully computerised,” says Amarpreet. He urges the industry fellows to invest in some advanced and innovative machines to survive in the current market condition.

Live demo of carton folder gluer at Boxtech stand

Boxtech will showcase a live demo of Boxtech Velocity Plus, an automatic high speed Folder gluer machine, which is a make in India folder gluer at the stand F21 in Hall 9B. Visitors can see Side paste and lock bottom cartons in the demo. The machine speed is 250 meters per minute with pre-folding with lock bottom carton.
“Since 2020, after the pandemic, this will be the first ever biggest print & packaging expo and we expect to meet potential buyers and visitors. This platform will ease the buyer to get the comparison in product features, service, value for this time, and feel the product before they make their mind for a smart investment. And it’s an opportunity for a manufacturer to know the new customer requirements and start implementing on the customer feedback as a part of their R&D,” says Ananth Nayak of Boxtech.

UV Graphic to unpack newly developed label presses

Over the last three decades, UV Graphic has been actively involved in production of UV coating & curing machines, rotary label printing presses, ancillary equipments and finishing machines. The company is strategically located at Noida with a state-of-the-art production facility of 9000 sq m floor area where equipped a line of latest equipments for manufacturing quality machine parts and components. “Our primary goal is to introduce reliable machines, latest technologies and quality service,” says Abhay Datta, Director, UV Graphic Technologies Pvt Ltd.

At PrintPack India, UV Graphic is showcasing a line of upgraded machines and technologies. “We will be demonstrating our latest and newly developed Ultaflex UFO-450, 10-colour full servo LED UV combo film and label press using 42 servo drives and Ultaflex UFO-370, 8-colour full servo LED UV combo film and label press using 19 servo drives,” says Abhay. Other products on display at the company’s stall during the expo include Ultraflex USR 450 slitter rewinder with 100 percent inspection and defect inspection; Ultraflex UGO 450 single colour gravure printing machine, Ultraflex Pony offline semi & full rotary die-cutting machine, Ultracure LED & Hybrid UV curing systems, among others.

“Now, the market is slow due to the subsequent effects of pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war. Material and consumable prices are so high. It’s time for all of us to cope with the situation,” says Abhay. As per the current market situation, his ultimate advice to the industry people is to invest only in futuristic and fully-automated machines to regain the loss in business.

Xerox offers rich metallics and iridescent special effects in digital printing

This is the first time Xerox exhibits Versant 4100 and Xerox Versant 280 in a public expo in India.The company also showcases Iridesse Production Press and PrimeLink 9070 & 9100. The flagship, Xerox Iridesse Colour Production Press has the capability of printing up to 10 colors and 6 in a single go, being fed with Vacuum Feeders for the first time in India.

While, Xerox Versant 4100 is a heavy duty CMYK printer with vacuum feeders powered by a Hyper RIP Fiery DFE, will set the stage afire.The latest version of the ever-reliable and most successfully Xerox Versant 280 will be showcased with Fiery FS400 and Vacuum Feeders and specialty Vivid and Florescent colors to boost. Xerox Primelink C9070 has the brilliance of Vivid toners, including Gold, Silver, Clear and White, and Fluorescent – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, with the ability to glow in the dark. Also on offer is the supremely reliable and workhorse Mono Multi-functional Printer – Xerox Prime Link 9100.

The company will also offer XMPie – a software platform for driving more effective audience engagement with personalizing and automating campaigns—using print and digital media—to provide complete omni-channel consistency. It will also showcase FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection, which combines to optimize production and eliminate costly touchpoints throughout the value chain.

With the theme “Powering Print & Beyond,” Xerox is gearing up to showcase how providers can tackle their biggest print hurdles, propel the business forward and deliver better results by becoming more automated, integrated, and productive in their operations.

Shankaracharya Laskar, Director, Technology & Channels, Xerox India Limited, says, “Our participation in PrintPack 2022 allows us to have active conversations on how the most successful businesses in today’s market are able to achieve business critical outcomes. Every day, we are relentlessly focused on how we help customers in business expansion, productivity and investment protection. We are helping them go beyond commodity print by taking advantage of new growth opportunities with technology, tools, and resources that help customers efficiently design, market, price, and sell revenue-driving capabilities. We also help customers optimize and automate workflows to simplify work and save resources. Besides, we provide future-proof technology and solutions that scale to help customers meet evolving industry changes.”

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