5 Reasons to transform your finishing services

There’s no denying the impact the digital revolution has had on the printing industry. Shorter turn times, shorter print runs, the rise of big data and personalized communications. Have your print finishing services kept up with this shift in demand? Digital enhancement equipment is an excellent way to provide an economical solution for these shorter runs that trade finishers and commercial printers are faced with today. Here are 5 ways a digital enhancement press could change print finishing business for the better.

1. We live in a sensory-driven world

Researchers everywhere are releasing studies on how sensory marketing impacts the experience consumers have with brands. In fact, Sappi’s The Neuroscience of Touch takes a fascinating dive into how and why we respond so well to haptic brands.

The USPs even created a special promotion rewarding marketers who leverage the tactile aspect of print to engage with their audience. Digital enhancement technologies allow you to provide this sensory appeal to so much more than just your customers’ direct mail projects. Packaging, magazine covers, collateral – the sky is the limit. Consumers will be dying to get their hands on your work.

2. Short-Run? No problem.

As requests for smaller and smaller production runs comes in – the conversation can shift from “You can do that, but it’s going to cost this cringe-worthy number” to “Short-run? No problem! Check out the dimension we can also bring to your design.” Suddenly, customers are less focused on price, and more focused on how they can best utilize the technology to their advantage.

3. Relevance is driving the way brands communicate

Everywhere you turn, personalization and relevance is being talked about. For the longest time, personalization could only be added via digital printing production or a pass through the inkjet machine. Now you can add a touch of personalization to any project – from direct mail and packaging, to presentation folders and personalized magazines.

4. Offset, digital, & beyond compatibility

With Scodix digital enhancement presses, one can run offset and digitally printed sheets. One can take laminated sheets to new heights, or even projects using synthetic leather and polypropylene (PVC) substrates. One can maintain the flexibility to work on a project, no matter how its produced.

5. Decrease make-readies. No dies needed.

One can even extend the PDF workflow into production by eliminating the need for die creations. By running computer-to-press, one can achieve the variable flexibility of digital printing while maintaining the superb quality of UV coatings.

All this is possible through Scodix, which can change the way one thinks about print finishing services. Scodix systems are available in India through Monotech Systems Ltd.

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