Fantastic Four KOMORI presses advancing Advantage Offset


New Delhi-based Advantage Offset is pretty much addicted to using advanced KOMORI presses, now running productively in its state-of-the-art production facility, for outpouring flawless print applications. The company has invested in four KOMORI presses, latest being a KOMORI Lithrone G37.

Advantage Offset keeps upgrading its production facility with constant investments in healthy mix of machines and equipment in both pre-press and press divisions. In this, KOMORI is considered to be the foremost technology the company is continually relying upon for its overall engagement to produce stunning commercial prints to the demand and desire of its customers. Advantage Offset is serving a mix cohort of customers from diverse industrial sectors.

Ashwani Gulati, Founder of Advantage Offset, seems to have traditionally embraced the notion of quality printing using offset technology, despite all new chapters of technological evolutions or inventions keep opening up in the industry. He rather feels offset as a tradition than a technology at Advantage Offset as the company closely evolves into its venerable quality and consistency maintaining in every single print output it delivers and KOMORI rightfully holds it true.

With its stature of being a popular commercial printer situated strategically in New Delhi’s Naraina Industrial Area Phase-I, Advantage Offset is increasingly gaining grounds in offering premium print outputs that never let their customers’ expectations down. In this achievement, KOMORI technology plays a pivotal role, to which Ashwani rightly asserts that it’s not just a brand of machine or technology that counts; instead, it’s all about how it would be utilised and exploited its advancement.


KOMORI LA 437 was a game changer at Advantage Offset. “It was in the year 2016 we first installed our first KOMORI press. This was how we ventured into job works,” recalls Ashwani. He adds that one of the key reasons choosing the brand KOMORI is that the press is perfectly engineered for high-speed and high-volume printings. It was during the PRINTPACK INDIA 2015 at Greater Noida in Delhi-NCR when he booked their first KOMORI press, i.e. KOMORI LA 437.


In April 2022, second KOMORI press arrived at Advantage Offset. “It was the KOMORI Enthrone 429 which redefined the way we printed and produced commercial print graphics,” he emphasises. KOMORI Enthrone 429 features double diameter impression and transfer cylinder. He mentions that trends and technologies keep changing in the printing industry, so is the need to embrace the dynamism to survive and sustain in which KOMORI is the key.”


The third KOMORI at Advantage Offset, is yet another Enthrone 429, which arrived back to back with the second KOMORI in the same year (December 2022). On the company’s double KOMORI investments in a year, Ashwani recounts, “Japanese technologies like KOMORI are gaining grounds on many fronts when it comes to quality printing, innovation, and affordability. Enthrone 429 is indeed a faster press among those in its class with more appropriate ROI.”


Latest to the family of four, KOMORI Lithrone G37 marked the fourth KOMORI press at Advantage Offset. Again, like the first KOMORI (LA 437), which was booked during the PRINTPACK INDIA 2015, Ashwani repeated his old habit of booking machine on the show floor as he sealed the deal of the fourth press during the PAMEX 2020 in Mumbai. His view on the latest KOMORI press (Lithrone G37) is that it’s an ideal machine for Advantage Offset for advancing overall print volume and quality to attract new jobs.

Incepted in the year 2002, Advantage Offset is currently backed by a strong team of 75 well-experienced printing and production professionals. Most of the company’s clients are from the publishing and commercial printing sectors. When the fleet of KOMORI presses started adding subsequently to Advantage Offset’s production setup of 11,000 sqft in area, it marked a turning point for the company to shift into job works in a big way,” says Ashwani.

He adds, “With the KOMORI presses, we have gained new grounds in fulfilling our customers, predominantly jobbers in and around Delhi-NCR who come to us particularly for ground jobs, to their fullest satisfaction in terms of quality in prints and faster delivery in a way any other commercial printers in the area could do so. In the publishing domain, we have a bunch of happy customers dotted right across Srinagar up to Hyderabad.”

Over the years, Advantage Offset has also been into exports. “We export around 20% of our total productions as the UK being one of our major export destinations,” he says, adding, “When it comes to our current works and overall activities, we are now predominantly into job works. In terms of volume, 80% of our activities are into job works.”

In the pre-pandemic, Advantage Offset used to produce up to one lakh sheets per job every day. “Like everyone in the industry we were also affected much by the pandemic and we are now on the road to recovery. And an expanded portfolio of KOMORI presses is with us now, so our endeavour is to boost our commercial print production to a new level with high quality and quick delivery at competitive prices,” he concluded.

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